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17:Sign of Darkness

Chapter 17: Sign of Darkness

Elsword and the gang may have survived the desert, but can they take the heat of a volcanic territory? Our heroes travel onward to Lanox, an enraged land where a forest fire appears inextinguishable. In between encounters with furious divine creatures, they meet Lanox's young village chief Edel, the mysterious alchemist Pesop, and the fire priestess Ignia. They learn from Ignia that the Sun and Moon Priestesses have gone missing, and the explorers are sent off to the Ash Covered Village to investigate.

[Village] Seemingly Peaceful Lanox
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives

Lanox is almost unbearable with heat. The one who appears before the El Search Party is...

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • [Lanox Village]
  • Elesis: This village... It feels...
  • Chung: It's certainly hot... As expected as the keeper of the Fire El. I'll have to be careful not to overload my Destroyer.
  • Add: Are you sure? I think it's best if you check that arm of yours every once in a while.
  • Raven: ... It's fine. It withstood Bethma's heat, and it's still moving fine.
  • Add: Hm... I can't say for certain, but it might malfunction all of a sudden because of the extreme heat. Keep that in mind.
  • Raven: ... Are you sure you're not just trying to see the layout of my Nasod arm?
  • Add: Well, I won't say that didn't cross my mind, kuhuhu.
  • Chung: Anyway... it's really hot. And something feels... Heavy. I can't relax even though it looks so peaceful. I wonder where the temple is located?
  • Ignia: ...
  • Ignia: Hey, you! Yeah, you over there!
  • Ignia: I'm the Fire Priestess, Ignia! You look like travelers. Why are you looking for the Temple?
  • Chung: Oh... The Fire Priestess? We are...

  • Ignia: You're THE El Search Party? Huh... I always imagined you'd be more... buff.
  • Elsword: Sorry I'm tiny.
  • Ara: Thank goodness we were able to find you safe and sound. And so quickly, too.
  • Ara: Um, Priestess, we came to protect you and the El from demons and seek the prophecy.
  • Ignia: The prophecy?
  • Ignia: The El... is the same as always, so there's nothing to worry about.
  • Rena: Oh! It seems we are finally faster than the demons for once!
  • Ignia: Since I'm the Fire Priestess, I know best about the Fire El. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the El.
  • Elesis: That's good to hear. Anyway, the Wind Priestess mentioned other Priestesses should also be at Lanox...
  • Ignia: Huh? Th, the Wind Priestess?
  • Ignia: ... I don't know. I'm the only Priestess in Lanox. Maybe she's mistaken?
  • Chung: Huh? But according to the vision... The other Priestesses should also be in Lanox...?
  • Ignia: Haha! Then I guess the vision missed its mark. If she gets everything right, why would she be a Priestess? I'd change my profession to a fortune teller in a jiffy.
  • Add: For a Priestess, she's a bit...
  • Rena: Hahaha... She has an interesting personality...
  • Eve: The vision was not correct...? That can't be the only possibility. Perhaps the other Priestess left, or is in hiding.
  • Aisha: I agree with Eve. There's also the possibility that the Lanox from Anduran's vision is referring to the entire Lanox region instead of just the village.
  • Raven: It's always good to keep our options open.
  • Ignia: ... I'm not sure what's going on, but since you're here, why don't you go see our village leader? Edel should know more about what's around here!
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 Advanced Magic Stone x10 N/A
ED 0 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
[Village] Overworked Leader
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the [Village] Seemingly Peaceful Lanox story quest

Fire Priestess Ignia, who seems very casual, leads the El Search Party to the Lanox village leader, Edel.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Edel: ... So you're saying you have nothing to do with what the Blacksmiths of Steel have done?
  • Steel: Correct! I don't know anything about it! There's no reason Dad or other blacksmiths to do such a thing!
  • Steel: I should go talk to them at once!
  • Edel: The spirits of the forest and the geyser are acting strange as well. If the Blacksmiths of Steel share the same symptoms, I don't think talking to them is the solution.
  • Edel: That's why I won't allow it. Not only is it dangerous, but it will also cause great grievance if you were to turn strange as well.
  • Steel: But I cannot stand still!
  • Edel: Then go run around the village because I will not allow you to leave. ... And who might you be?
  • Ignia: Edel! This is the El Search Party!
  • Edel: Oh, is that so? Your presence here does not bode well for Lanox...
  • Raven: What are people saying about us...
  • Edel: You seem to have brought news that will surely give me a headache. Tell me, what business do you have at Lanox?
  • Chung: Hello, Ms. Edel. We're come to check on the El and the Fire Priestess. It seems the Priestess and the El are doing fine in Lanox.
  • Edel: Then your business here is done? Nice meeting you. Please do not cause trouble while you're staying in Lanox. Good day.
  • Chung: W, wait, sorry...?
  • Ignia: Ah... Self-centered as always. That's Edel's speech for 'stop with the pleasantries and get to the point' by the way.
  • Elesis: It sounds like there's something going on here at Lanox. Are there demons involved?
  • Edel: Sigh... I don't know about demons, but something's definitely going on. We just ordered a containment order because all the creatures in the surrounding area were found in delirium.
  • Edel: And it's spreading, fast. Right now, we suspect a plague, so please watch what you consume.
  • Rena: Delirium...? How about it, everyone? Doesn't it sound similar to what happened in Sander?
  • Add: Causing hysteria for creatures in Lanox before their next stage of the plan? Not unlikely...
  • Ara: Though the Fire Priestess said it was fine... If the demons are behind this ordeal, I suspect the El is also targeted.
  • Edel: You're already planning on butting in without my input. Fine, do what you want. Perhaps you can deal with some of the problem and make my headache go away.
  • Elsword: Headache? Are you alright? Does it hurt a lot?
  • Edel: It, it's just a saying, so don't take it so seriously! Anyway, if you wish to see the Temple, or the El, you can do whatever you want.
  • Edel: Ignia insists everything is fine, but I have no way to confirm if she's actually doing her job.
  • Ignia: It's fine, it's fine. Haha, you're so serious sometimes!
  • Edel: Volcanoes cover half of the Lanox region. The Fire El is located inside the Fire Temple, at the center of that region.
  • Edel: If the Fire El becomes unstable and loses control, the volcano may erupt and wipe out this entire region.
  • Elsword: Why did you put the El somewhere so dangerous?
  • Aisha: You would know if you studied, you dummy! There Fire El came first, Lanox came after.
  • Elsword: Why are you always harping on me?! Am I the only one who didn't know?
  • Edel: It's good that you'd be investigating the area. I will make sure to remember you even if you die of a volcano eruption.
  • Chung: ... For some reason, that gives me a great sense of purpose.
  • Ara: Ah... I do not wish to be remembered that way.
  • Eve: ... I have checked the maps of this region. The shortest route is through the hot springs.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 [Ariel] Volcanic Spiffy Meat x30 [Ariel] Purified Volcano Water x30
ED 0 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
[Village] Save My Dad!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the [Village] Overworked Leader story quest

The El Search Party decides to investigate the Fire El to check on the Fire El just in case. But the Dwarf Blacksmith Steel asks them to save her father.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Ara: Then will we be headed straight to the Fire Temple?
  • Ignia: Headed out already? You sure are diligent. There's no reason to hurry.
  • Elsword: I'd feel restless unless I see it with my own two eyes.
  • Add: Are you sure you're the Priestess? You seem too irresponsible.
  • Ignia: But even if you have the routes mapped out, you'd probably get lost in the volcanic region. Then I'll be the one who'll end up guiding you.
  • Ignia: Besides, the volcanic region is dangerous, the roads are rough, and you need a heatproof suit! If anything goes wrong, it's not my problem!
  • Chung: That does worry me... It seems we have a lot to prepare for.
  • Elesis: But... I have a bad feeling. If we need preparations, we'll need to do them quick.
  • Steel: Hey you! You should listen to me!
  • Elsword: Huh? Who is the tiny girl?
  • Steel: What?! Have you never seen a Dwarf before? I am Steel, Blacksmiths of Steel!
  • Steel: My dad and other blacksmiths are acting strange! I want you to help me!
  • Rena: Oh, I remember now! You're the girl that was talking to Edel! Did something happen to the blacksmiths?
  • Steel: I don't know... They won't listen to reason and they're not letting outside visitors to the mines. I'm worried, but Edel won't let me leave!
  • Ara: Oh, that's too bad...
  • Steel: I understand. Edel was worried I'd be in danger. But I'm worried too!
  • Steel: If you bring Dad to the village and bring the Crystal Ball, I'll make you the heatproof suit. It's a deal!
  • Aisha: What Crystal Ball?
  • Steel: It's a spirit's ball with healing properties! Pesop said if they are sick, he can make a cure with the Crystal Ball!
  • Steel: There's a geyser not too far from here... Sirena, a spirit of the geyser, has one!
  • Raven: Dwarf blacksmith and the Crystal Ball... Are those our goals for now?
  • Elsword: Where do Blacksmiths of Steel live?
  • Ignia: There's a mining town for Dwarves near Burnt Forest. It's not too far from here.
  • Elsword: I'll go help Steel. How about we split up in half?
  • Aisha: Sigh, I can't let a dummy like you go alone... I guess I'll have to go with you.
  • Elsword: You're the one who decided to go... Why do you have to blame me for it?
  • Rena: Sigh, I can't let two bickering children like you two go alone... I guess I'll have to go with you as the guardian.
  • Elsword: Rena!
  • Aisha: Rena!
  • Ignia: Haha, you're going to help her? You're so nice. I'll be your guide then.
  • Add: ...
  • Elesis: Hm... I'll leave it to you then, baby brother. Guard the Priestess, alright? You don't know what will happen.
  • Elsword: Alright. We'll get going.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 [Cobo] Stamina Potion x1 N/A
ED 0 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Save the Blacksmith!
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the [Village] Save My Dade! story quest

The El Search Party decides to split in two to get the Crystal Ball and save Sdeing. Before them, a suspicious demon appears.

Quest Acceptance Dialogue
  • [Elsword's Group, Ash Covered Village]
  • Ara: As we suspected... Blacksmiths of Steel are showing great aggression.
  • Elsword: This is tough. They are charging at us left and right trying to take us down, when we have to make sure they're not hurt.
  • Eun: (... Be careful Ara, I sense a demon!)
  • Ara: Oh! Everyone! Watch ou...!
  • Lu: There you are! Do you have any idea how long I searched for you?
  • Elsword: Another Dwarf? She looks fine, though.
  • Lu: A Dwarf?! How dare you compare me with those... commoners!
  • Lu: Ahem, listen carefully. I am Luciela, the Steel Queen! A Demon Lord!
  • Ciel: I'm Ciel. Nice to meet you.
  • Ara: I, uh... Pardon?
  • Ignia: Wh, why is a demon here?
  • Lu: Hohoho, I apologize for my bluntness! I am not good at beating around the bush.
  • Lu: In any case! I am no 'Dwarf'. Is that clear?
  • Rena: What...
  • Aisha: ... You searched for us? What does a demon have business with us?
  • Lu: I wish for an alliance. You are planning to stop the demons, correct? I shall kindly lend my aid.
  • Ciel: ... I understand it's hard to believe. Let me explain.
  • Ciel: We are not your enemy. We have nothing to do with the demons currently invading Elrios. In fact, you could say they are Lu's enemies.
  • Lu: That is correct! I have no plan to invade Elrios, or do anything malevolent.
  • Lu: I merely wish to revenge those who betrayed me and regain my throne... That's why I am proposing to help you drive out others from this land.
  • Lu: How does the saying go? An enemy of an enemy is a friend? Of course, I'm no enemy of yours. Hohoho.
  • Rena: You said you were looking for us. How long were yo chasing us? I didn't sense anything.
  • Ciel: It hasn't been that long. We left Lanox, then went to Hamel through Hamel. We came back after we learned about you.
  • Lu: Emirate told us that you went to Lanox. He said hello, by the way.
  • Elsword: Huh? Wait... were you the Dwarf from Lanox that took care of the Trocks and Harpies in Sander?
  • Lu: I told you! I am not a Dwarf! I do not resemble on at all!
  • Ciel: Ah... I would have to disagree on at least one account.
  • Lu: Cieeeel!
  • Ara: Eun. What do you think? Do you think they are telling the truth?
  • Eun: I do not think they are hiding anything, or planning an ambush. But who knows what they are planning inside.
  • Rena: ...
  • Elsword: We're on our way to help the Blacksmiths of Steel. Wanna come with us?
  • Aisha: Elsword! Not again...
  • Lu: Of course. It seems they are confounded by strong demonic energy.
  • Lu: They should return to normal after some time... But if you are worried they might cause trouble, you can just create a cure.
  • Rena: What do you think?
  • Elsword: I don't think they are lying. If they were planning on attacking us, they had plenty of chances to do so.
  • Elsword: I'm not sure. We can ask others what they think about an alliance. For now, let's keep our promise we made with Steel! We have to look for her dad!
  • Lu: Are you going to go further inside the village? Then I will help you. A good knock on the head should snap them right out of it. Hohoho.
  • Ignia: ...
Quest Completion Dialogue
  • Gloria: Ignia!
  • Darkmoon: Ignia! You're here!
  • Ignia: Oh... Gloria, Darkmoon! What are you two doing here...?
  • Ara: Are they the Priestesses? Are you alright?
  • Darkmoon: ...! Wh, who are you?
  • Elsword: I didn't think we'd find the Priestesses here. You're not hurt, are you?
  • Gloria: Oh... no, we're fine! Thank you for saving us.
  • Gloria: ... I... really thought nobody would come to save us...
  • Darkmoon: Gloria...
  • Rena: What were you doing here? How did you get here, for that matter.
  • Darkmoon: We're not sure... When we woke up, we were already here...
  • Gloria: We asked the Dwarves here to help, but no one responded. It was really scary...
  • Ciel: It wasn't the Dwarves who kidnapped you?
  • Darkmoon: I do not think so. They... acted like we did not exist. We're not really sure...
  • Lu: It can't be the Dwarves. This barrier they were trapped in is a demon spell. Probably one of Scar's lackeys.
  • Elsword: How's Steel's dad doing?
  • Aisha: He fainted. Let's take him to the village. If Lu's right and we can create a cure, we can ask him if he knows why the Priestesses were kept there.
  • Darkmoon: Ignia. Who are they? They seem to know about us...
  • Ignia: They're called the El Search Party. They're kind of famous these days. I only know as much as you do.
  • Gloria: You really didn't forget. That you'd protect us...
  • Ignia: Of course! We need to look out for each other. I'm glad you were safe... really...
  • Ignia: Everything... Everything will be fine now.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 13,100,000 Intermediate Steel Weapon Cube x1 N/A
ED 572,100 Intermediate Steel Armor Cube x1 N/A
EP 31 N/A N/A
AP 0
[Village] Uncomfortable Tea Party
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete the Save the Blacksmith! story quest

Elsword and his group returns to Lanox with the Sun Priestess and the Moon Priestess. It's somewhat tense as Lu and Ciel offers them tea.

Quest Completion Dialogue
  • [Back to Lanox Village]
  • Elsword: The Priestesses?
  • Rena: They're resting. They're just tired, nothing serious. I just saw them fall asleep.
  • Ara: Ignia and Steel are staying with them.
  • Aisha: Once hot springs group brings the Crystal Ball, we can start creating the cure.
  • Lu: That's a relief. Poor things, they must have gone through a lot.
  • Lu: Anyway, it's a shame your friends are not here. I just asked Ciel to prepare for tea. If I had known, we would have waited.
  • Ciel: Lu! Do you remember this? The corner store had new leaves in stock, so I got some.
  • Aisha: Oh right... You said you were from Lanox...
  • Ciel: I am. Then I met Lu, and we lived together for a while. We had to leave because of an incident...
  • Ciel: It seems somewhat chaotic at the moment, but the streets look much safer. Edel must have done a lot for the village since she got in office.
  • Aisha: Oh...? You sure know a lot. I guess it's true you're from around here.
  • Lu: Now, now! Why don't we sit around and enjoy ourselves instead of standing around doing nothing. We can sip tea while waiting for your friends to come back.
  • Ciel: Good idea. Take it, before it gets cold. Oh, and have some cookies.
  • Elsword: Thanks! Don't mind if I do.
  • Aisha: I still can't tell if he just doesn't care, or doesn't think... He doesn't suspect anyone in the slightest.
  • Ara: A tea party with a demon... I don't know if I can swallow...
  • Rena: I'm worried too... but this is a busy street. If they are going to reveal their true colors, surely they wouldn't do it here.
  • Ignia: ... Hey, guys.
  • Aisha: Ignia, what's wrong? Are the Priestesses alright?
  • Ignia: They're both fine. I just wanted to thank you. And... I have some business to attend outside the village...
  • Ignia: Can you take care of Gloria and Darkmoon for me? They're still shook. I want to stay with them for a while, but...
  • Elsword: Don't worry. We're here to protect the Priestesses.
  • Ara: Yes. Whatever you need, you can leave assured.
  • Ignia: ... Thanks. I'll leave it to you, then!
  • Ciel: I don't know what's going on, but the Fire Priestess looked deeply concerned. I would have offered her tea if she didn't have urgent business.
  • Lu: Now, let's talk before your friends return. Tell me about yourselves. Of course, I will tell you my story.
Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 [Ariel] Refined Magic Stone x10 N/A
ED 0 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

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