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Tutorial Maps. Individual tutorials for all characters! Experience the new tutorial dungeons and the character's story.

Image Tutorial Area Image Tutorial Area
0-1new2.png Ruben Forest (Elsword) 0-2new2.png Ruben Forest (Aisha)
0-2new2.png Ruben Forest (Rena) 0-4new2.png Altera Research Lab
0-5new2.png Center of Altera Core‎ 0-6new2.png Dawn of Hamel‎
0-7new2.png A burning village‎ 0-8new2.png Ruben's Training Ground
0-9new2.png Elder Castle's Underground Laboratory‎ 0-10new2.png Backalley of Lanox‎
0-11new2.png Outer Atlas Station 0-12new2.png Chaotic Forest of Ruben
0-13new2.png Black Forest Cemetery 0-14new2.png Shadow Chamber

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