Wally's Memorial Bridge

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Elder Village Wally's Memorial Bridge Bethma Village
Wally's Memorial Bridge
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves Monster Type
Mercenary Bandit.jpg Mercenary Bandit - This bandit will attack in the exact same way as Big Brother.
  • Punch Combo: A two punch combo.
Elite Soldier Bandit.jpg Elite Soldier Bandit - This large bandit will attack in the exact same way as Bruce.
  • Club Swing: A two hit combo swinging around his heavy club.
Scout Bandit.jpg Scout Bandit - A smaller bandit that will fight like Little Brother.
  • Dagger Combo: A quick short dagger combo.
Water Fairy.jpg Water Fairy - This large monster will attack in the exact same way as Fairy Guardian.
  • Heavy Punch: The Guardian will perform a downward punch if you get close to it.
Wet Shroom.jpg Wet Shroom - A mushroom that lives in the watery canals under Wally's Memorial Bridge.
  • Headbutt: Smacks players with its mushroom head.


Wally's Memorial Bridge - field_elder001
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 월리 기념교 Wally's Memorial Bridge
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 瓦利紀念橋 Wally Memorial Bridge
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 瓦利纪念桥 Wally Memorial Bridge
German Flag.png Germany Robo-Gedenkbrücke Robo Memorial Bridge
Spanish Flag.png Spain Puente Monumental de Robon Robon Monumental Bridge
French Flag.png France Pont Robo Robo Bridge
Italian Flag.png Italy Ponte Monumentale di Robo Robo Monumental Bridge
English Flag.png United Kingdom Robo Memorial Bridge
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  • Region 7~12
  • Region 13~18
  • Region 19~20
  • Laby
  • Noah
  • Other
  • Miscellaneous