Nasod Foundry

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Nasod Foundry

This is where the enemy Nasods are being produced.

A production site with a lot of mechanical noise. Nasods are being mass produced here.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Assault Nasod Type-W9 - A skilled Nasod that uses two knives on its arms to swiftly take out any enemies.
  • Knife Twirl: It will twirl it knives and perform a several slash combo.
  • Knife Uppercut: Slashes downward then slashes upward sending players flying.
Nasod Guard: Shield - A sturdy Nasod that uses a shield covering its frontal body.
  • Block: Defend against attacks from the front.
  • Shield Bash: Smash its shield against any target in front of it three times.
  • Stun Baton: Takes out a baton and zaps anybody in the general area in front of it.
Nasod Blader - An upgraded version of the normal Nasod Healer.
  • Propeller Assault: Spin a set of blades like a propeller then flies forward towards players doing rapid hits.
  • Heal: It can heal itself and mobs around it.
Nasod Guard: Cannon - A stealthy Nasod that uses its rifle to take you out at any range. It can shoot lasers, launch grenades, and even shoot out stun bombs in the back lines.
  • Laser Shots: Ready themselves then fire three lasers.
  • Grenade Lob: Lob a grenade that explodes on impact.
Nasod Production Machine - A machine produces Nasods.
  • Type-W9 Manufacture: Builds Assault Nasod Type-W9s on the spot.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Nasod Scorpion King - A giant scorpion Nasod that can easily stomp you.
  • Sting: Attacks with its pincers and claws.
  • Stomp: Leaps and stomps players.
  • Laser Pincers: Enhance its pincers with laser blades increase its power and range.
  • Photon Blaster: Fire a barrage of photon orbs out of its tail doing immense damage.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Press - A press that pounds you into the ground flattening you.
Conveyor Belt - Moving floor panels that automatically move anything standing on it whichever direction it travels.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Crow Rider - After Raven had broken free of the Nasod's control, they decided to make a huge mechanical version of him, copying his attacks, skills, all with additional equipment to make him even more lethal.
  • Slash: Crow Rider will prepare himself the perform a single slash. If he hits, he'll perform a second slash.
  • Jump Slash: While in the air they can extend their sword much like Raven's ^Z.
  • Maximum Cannon: Stretching his Nasod Arm, Raven unleashes a spinning fume of fire straight at you, dealing heavy damage.
  • Cannon Blade: Stretching his Nasod Arm, Raven unleashes a a giant fireball that deals tremendous damage.
  • Power Assault: Crow Rider rushes towards you at high speeds, destroying everything in his path. Like Maximum Cannon, this one is also upgraded to deal more damage.
  • Prototype Summon: After taking enough damage (theoretically 1/3 HP Lost or when he has full MP), Crow Rider escapes via teleport while leaving his minions, Crow Rider Prototypes, to fight you. They are smaller versions of Crow Rider and come in groups (2 in Normal Mode, 3 in Hard, and 4 in Very Hard). However, they are unable to use the Special Actives like the Original. After eliminating all the Prototypes, the Original one drops back into the fight on the right side of the map.
Crow Rider Prototype - Small prototype versions of Crow Rider, these smaller models fight virtually the same as Crow Rider except they do not have access to any of his special actives.
  • Slash: Crow Rider will sometimes perform a ZZXX combo, can be chained with the Jump Slash.
  • Jump Slash: While in the air they can extend their sword much like Raven's ^Z.


  • ???: Factory? I wonder what's being made here... What? Na- Nasod?!
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Crow Rider's Gloves
Crow Rider's Gloves
Crow Rider

Lv36 Gloves:

Physical Attack +?

Magical Attack +?

Magical Defense +?

[Unidentified * ?]

Action Speed +2%

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Date Changes
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  • Nasod Foundry added.
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Dungeon stages adjusted.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 나소드 생산기지 Nasod Foundry
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 納斯德生產基地 Nasod Production Base
China (Simplified Chinese) 纳斯德生产基地 Nasod Production Base
Germany Nasodfabrik Nasod Factory
Spain Fábrica de Nasod Nasod Factory
France Usine nasod Nasod Factory
Italy Fabbrica dei Nasod Nasod Factory
Poland Nazo Fabryka Nasod Factory
United Kingdom Nasod Factory
Brazil Fábrica Nasod Nasod Factory

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