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Full Name
Claymore, Power of Flames
August 21st
163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
Blood Type
Class Tree

Voice Actors
윤여진 (Yoon Yeo-jin)
井上 麻里奈 (Inoue Marina)
Erin Fitzgerald[1] / Reba Buhr[2]
Mona Friedel
Nerea Alonso
Barbara Beretta
Elisabetta Spinelli
Joanna Pach
Anna Naples
Release Date
18 July 2013
11 December 2013
28 January 2014
19 March 2014
26 March 2014
27 March 2014
People call me.... The 'Red Haired Knight'.


[Captain of the Red Knights who sworn to protect Elrios.]

Special Ability

Main Article: Chivalry System

Elesis possesses the gauge of Chivalry, similar to her younger brother Elsword's "Way of the Sword" gauge. Elesis fuels this gauge best offensively, with both basic attacks and skills. Depending on the types of attacks used to fill the gauge, a corresponding aura will activate once completely filled. Activation of the gauge will give her one of the two auras: Spirit of Annihilation or Aura of Gale. Spirit of Annihilation will make Destruction skills and commands automatically deal Critical damage and ignore Guard while Aura of Gale reduces the MP cost and cooldown time of Gale skills.


Main Article: Ruben Training Ground
  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

Influenced by her father who was a free knight of Velder, Elesis is also an excellent swordsman.

When she and Elsword was suddenly attacked by demons, she foresees danger and joins the Velder Knights and tries to protect the kingdom from the emanant demon invasion.

Finally, she encounters the demon who attacked Feita and Velder again....

First Job Advancement

Elesis is required to be Lv15 to begin her first class advancement. You can decide between the following:

Saber Knight
A skillful swordsman specially trained for powerful melee type combat.

Saber Knight

Pyro Knight
A magical swordsman with enhanced power of fire.

Pyro Knight

Dark Knight
A avenger of blood who pulverize her enemies.

Dark Knight

Soar Knight
A class that utilizes the holy weapon, Divine Manus, to lead the battlefield to victory with a versatile battle style.

Soar Knight

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
[Create a bond and use the new skills!]
Changes to if Married.
Changes to if Partnered.

Level 1
Level 5
Level 10
Level 15

Level 20
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 20.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 1st job class.


Combo Description Damage
Basic 4 hit combo with her sword, ending with a launch at the end.

149% Phy. Damage
183% Phy. Damage
217% Phy. Damage
309% Phy. Damage

Basic 3 hit combo with her sword, followed by a heavy slash, knocking targets quite a distance.

149% Phy. Damage
183% Phy. Damage
217% Phy. Damage
320% Phy. Damage

Basic 3 heavy hit combo with her sword.

287% Phy. Damage
311% Phy. Damage
196% Phy. Damage x2

Basic 2 heavy hit combo with her sword, followed by an uppercut that sends targets upwards.

287% Phy. Damage
311% Phy. Damage
189% Phy. Damage x2

Single jump slash.

160% Phy. Damage

Single jump overhead slash, knocking down targets.

349% Phy. Damage

2 slashes after running or dashing.

166% Phy. Damage
300% Phy. Damage

Heavy uppercut after running or dashing, knocking targets upwards.

319% Phy. Damage

3 sword slashes after dashing in midair.

172% Phy. Damage
206% Phy. Damage
306% Phy. Damage

1 overhead slash, followed by another heavy slash that brings you to the ground, inflicting heavy hitstun.

299% Phy. Damage
408% Phy. Damage

Recovery Recover with a back and forth slash hitting enemies in front and behind, leaving targets open.

198% Phy. Damage

Recovery Recover with a single 180° slash leaving targets open for combo.

289% Phy. Damage


Date Changes
07/27/2017 08/09/2017
  • Recovery attack no longer knocks down.
12/06/2018 11/28/2018
  • Fixed issue where knocked down attack cannot receive Chivalry gauge.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Adjusted command responsiveness to allow for less restrictive movement.
    • Also applies to all job paths.
  • no longer knocks down.



Bonding Skill



Full Gallery: Elesis/Gallery




  • Elesis's job path in Lore/Story would be the Empire Sword path.
    • Oddly, Elesis states that she did not encounter any demons in Feita during the Velder story quest Vanessa's Message, which contradicts Grand Master's background. However, this could potentially be a lie on Elesis's part, though the reason for this is unclear.
      • In addition, because her departure from Velder in the first place was prompted by Chung's request for aid as demons began invading Hamel as described in Knight Captain's Vacation 2, her investigation in Feita must have occurred extremely closely in time to the El Search Party's arrival there after her as she alludes to in the above Velder quest, leaving no time for the events of her advancement's background to occur.
  • Elesis's official theme song is My Will.
  • Elesis is Elsword's older sister. Due to this, the two cannot be married to each other.
  • Elesis officially joins the main cast after the Velder story quest Return of the Hero and will have unique clear lines from Velder onward. Prior to this, all dungeons will re-use one of 3 generic dungeon clear lines.
  • Elesis is able to travel across Elrios independently from the Red Knights, after becoming a “Free Knight” just like her father. Canonically, she travels through Feita and the Shadow Forest to investigate demon activity, on her way to Ruben to check up on her brother, unaware he has already left on his own quest.
    • Even as a Free Knight, however, the Master Road quests re-establish that Elesis is a Red Knight first and foremost, even while aiding the El Search Party, as she relays and receives orders from her command back in Velder.
    • In her job advancement backstories, she uses this status to allow her to travel to various different areas in each of her paths before returning to Feita to fend off the Demon Invasion (as opposed to it being stopped by the El Search Party).
  • Her title, "Legendary Red Haired Knight", was born from her victory aiding in turning the tides of the Velder Civil War.
  • Elesis makes a cameo in the ending of the fourth volume of ElType Season 2 to tease her release.
  • Elesis's concept is based on Elesis Sieghart from Grand Chase, sharing the same first name, red color theme, appearance, as well as Elsword having a similar background story to Elesis Sieghart. However, both Elesis characters have different background stories.
    • Another possible reference to the 'Grand Chase' universe can be found in the skill note for Deadly Strike which has a conversation between Elesis and an individual named "Sieghart". It is unknown his relation to Elesis aside from baring the same name as Grand Chase's Sieghart, who is her ancestor and a Highlander.
      • Although it is unclear whether this Sieghart is a highlander or Elesis' ancestor, there is a Highlander that wrote the skill note for Wild Shock.
    • Elesis shares the same Korean voice actor as her Grand Chase counterpart.
  • Long before Elesis was to be a playable character, on the NA website, Elsword's backstory stated that his sister's name was originally Elsa.
  • A common misconception among players is that Elesis's moveset in-game is an exact copy or clone of Elsword due to their sibling relationship. This is not true, as both characters have different playstyles and combos.
    • Each of Elesis's paths however share some conceptual similarities with at least one of Elsword's paths
      Check individual class page for more details
    • Although both characters use heavy 2-handed swords, Elsword can easily utilize his sword with 1 hand in his combos, whereas Elesis require both hands to swing her sword in combos.
  • Elesis and Ara are the only characters to utilize their pre-renewal portraits as their Epic Quest portraits.
  • It is revealed she is a bad cook during Elsword's side story.
  • Elesis wrote the skill notes Enhanced Swordsmanship, Volcanic Eruption II, and Swift and Strong Attack I.
  • In her magical class paths, Elesis is able to utilize primordial flames. Flame Lord unleashes the full power of her innate fire powers and becomes an incarnation of fire, gaining control over primordial flames in the process, while Adrestia injects her fire powers into an El shard, creating primordial flames as shown in her master skill; Primus Flamma.

Prior to joining the El search Party
Generic Clear Lines

  • Elesis: Anyone blocking my way will be trampled down to the ground.
  • Elesis: I will show them the power of the Red Knight!!
  • Elesis: Alright! I believe I have matured to a higher level.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 엘리시스 Elesis
Japan エリシス Elesis
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 愛利西斯 Elesis
China (Simplified Chinese) 艾丽希斯 Elesis
North America Elsa (Original name before Elesis' release)