Second Grief

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Second Grief
Full Name
Noah Ebalon
Second Grief
, Moonstones
Extra Abilities
Power of Moon
Ignore Physical Defense (Dungeon)
Class Tree

Release Date
10 February 2021
10 March 2021
10 March 2021
10 March 2021
11 March 2021
8 September 2021
Can I live like my brother has?

Second Grief

[One who carries sadness in his heart and follow moonlight]


  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

One who carries sadness in his heart while following moonlight.

Noah was too late in saving Yuria, but he barely manages to heal her with ther power of the moon.

Though it put a huge strain on his body, Noah is glad to use his power to save someone.

However, his joy is short-lived, as he is reminded of those he couldn't save.

If it were Harque that was alive, he would have saved everyone.

Noah wishes to live his second life as his big brother would have.

First Class Advancement

Completing the following advancement quest or using the Item Mall item: Second Grief's Unease will change your job to Second Grief.

Second Grief
Second Grief 1/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Achieve Level 15
  • Accept Second Grief class advance quest

After barely succeeding to heal Yuria, Noah realizes that the energy he used to heal her is the moon energy that he has learned only in theory.
Though it was forced upon him, and was mutated due to the experiments of the Order, he was still able to save someone.
If he uses this power of healing and regeneration, maybe he can reach the end without any goodbyes?
It's too early to judge. Push down the swelling anticipation and start learning how to harness this strange, yet familiar power.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 500 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Second Grief 2/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Second Grief 1/3

The power of the moon that awakened within Noah was like a ray of hope, but it also made the shadows much darker.
A life with too much losses to be called a success. Noah dreams about the short connections he made in the last life that he had to let go because he did not have control of this power.
When he opened the journal, as if under a trance, he saw the same sentence written over and over again.
'If Harque was here. If Harque was alive instead.'

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,000 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Second Grief 3/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Second Grief 2/3

Forcefully using the mutated power put great strain on his body, but Noah didn't stop using the power of the moon.
If he came back in time because something went wrong in the last life, if this is another chance.
Then this time, he will fix all his mistakes with this power and follow the path his brother would have taken.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 1st Job Change Promotion Cube x1 N/A
ED 2,000 [Cobo] 1st Job Useful Items Cube x1 N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Second Grief can job advance to a Pale Pilgrim.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
Level 15
Level 25

Level 30
Level 35
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Commands

 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Image Description Damage

After doing the standard combo, throw 3 moonstones at a downward angle while in Super Armor.

185% Phy. Damage
320% Phy. Damage
257% Phy. Damage
391% Phy. Damage

After doing the standard combo, create of storm of moon fragments to trap your enemies within while in Super Armor.

153% Phy. Damage
188% Phy. Damage
223% Phy. Damage
35% Phy. Damage x3~12

You can execute a second dash while running. The second dash will phase through enemies and has a slight cooldown between uses.



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  • Due to his Power of the Moon being mutated and having a low affinity for it, it causes strain on Noah's body when he uses it.
  • The moonstone in his pendant is cracked, possibly due Noah drawing out its Moon energy for his healing.
  • As this path shows Noah's element aligning more to that of Ebalon, his skill icons' background depict a more blueish color in contrast to the other paths' dark purple color.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 세컨드 그리프 Second Grief
Japan セカンドグリーフ Second Grief
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 瞬剎哀悼者 Second Mourner
China (Simplified Chinese) 须臾哀思者 Second Mourner
Germany Sorgenmond Sorrow Moon
Spain Luna de la inquietud Worried Moon
France Lune soucieuse Worried Moon
Italy Calamitas lunae
Latin for Moon Misfortune
Calamitas Lunae
Poland Żałobny Księżyc Mourning Moon
United Kingdom Sorrow Moon
Brazil Pesar Regressante Returning Grief