Chilling Rage

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SeGSkill07.png [Special Active: Strength] Summon a moonstone with the Relic of Rest. The moonstone will storm around as it gathers. Allies that come in contact with the moonstone will have increased awakening charge speed.
  • Protect with the Relic of Rest.
[Blessing of Moonlight]
  • Upon awakening, enhance skill effect depending on the shape of the moon.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required Skill Requirement
Second Grief 30 Intermediate Training Skill Quest

Skill Information

Mode Storming Moonstone (Physical) Max Hits Status 644.png Party BuffChilling RageParty BuffChilling Rage MP Usage Cooldown
Per Moonstone Moonstone Count Awakening Charge Speed Increase Duration
Base [Blessing of Moonlight - Full Moon] Base [Blessing of Moonlight - Half Moon]
PvE 151% 11 5 ×1.5 ×2 15 Seconds 20 Seconds 200 MP 14 Seconds
PvP 57%
PvE 181% 11 5 ×1.5 ×2 15 Seconds 20 Seconds 200 MP 14 Seconds
PvP 68%

Skill Traits

Critical Chilling Rage Haste Chilling Rage
Attribute Effect MP Usage Attribute Effect Cooldown
MP Usage increased to 120%
Skill will ignore 50% defense (25% defense in PvP)
240 MP Cooldown decreased to 80% 11.2 Seconds

Total Damage

Mode Base
PvE 9,955%
PvP 3,740%

Related Skills

Tips and Details

  • The orbs circle close enough together that it can deal full damage to most enemies if aimed correctly. Small enemies, including players, will not take full hits however.


Date Changes
02/10/2021 03/10/2021
  • Chilling Rage added.
  • Awakening Charge Speed Increase duration increased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 냉정한 분노 Chilling Rage
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Furia Gelida Chilling Rage