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Editing Rules
Please follow these rules when editing pages!

General Rules

  • Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes vandalizing pages of other languages and Userpages.
  • Please add information from official servers only.
  • If you want to make a request to edit a protected page, contact an ElEditor or an Administrator.
  • Make sure your edits are clear and understandable to the readers. We understand that not everyone is fluent in English but other editors might not be able to fix your grammatical errors if we don't understand what you are trying to say.
  • Remember to proofread your edits before saving them.
  • Follow these rules if you wish to translate pages to another language.
  • Do not add any external links to inappropriate websites.

Rules regarding Content

  • Do not add useless or obvious information e.g.(Necklace is worn by "this" class)
  • Do not add opinions or info that is not canon.
  • Do not add trivia about references to other anime, games, or films unless the reference is confirmed to be intentional.
  • Do not add speculations of future content updates without providing an official source.
  • Please keep all fan-related content within your Userpages.
    • Guild pages are excluded from this rule, but all guild contents (including content and transcluded pages) should be within the Guild: namespace.
  • To avoid confusion, please make sure that all dates are written in one of the following formats:
    • MM/DD/YYYY
    • [Month] DD, YYYY
    • DD [Month] YYYY
  • To avoid confusion, please do not use initials when referring to certain classes, Ice Burners, or equipment sets. (For example, TT can refer to Tactical Trooper or Time Tracer and GF can refer to the Gold Falcon or Grace Fairy sets)
  • When editing skills, add information involving gameplay mechanics under the Tips and Details section, information about different translated names under the Alternative Names section, and all other information under the Trivia section.
  • When creating new pages or uploading new images, check to see if that page/image isn't already created to avoid making duplicates.

Total Damage section on Skill Pages

When creating a Total Damage section on skill pages, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Always calculate damage under the assumption of one target, unless the skill has separate damage values for multiple targets, such as [Mod] Hypersonic Stab.
  • If a skill's maximum damage is dependent on the target's size, create a separate column that calculates damage based on the average number of hits that most targets can receive. In addition, write a bullet point under the table to indicate the number of hits.

In addition, please avoid using the following effects when performing calculations or creating new damage listings:

  • Buffs or passive effects that do not change how a skill functions
  • Temporary buff effects
  • Any passive or buff effects that require certain conditions

Rules regarding Server Differences

There are many differences between the Korean server and the North American server. Please follow the following rules in regards to the differences between these servers.

  • Pages should be named after the name or terminology used in the North American server. If the content is not released in that server, the translated name from the Korean server will be used instead.
    • When the content is released in North America or if the name is changed, the page should be moved to match the proper name.
  • All pages with content that are only available on the Korean server should be tagged with the KROnly template. To add this, add {{KROnly}} to the top of the page.
  • When adding tips or trivia about content, please clarify which server it's pertinent to if it is only applicable to certain servers.
  • Alternative names from different servers should be placed within the Alternate Languages template.
    • Do not add names to the template if they are written identically to the page's title.

Rules regarding Coding

  • When creating a link to pages in this wiki, do not use external links if you can use internal. (E.g. https://elwiki.net/w/Ara should be written as [[Ara]] rather than [https://elwiki.net/w/Ara].) Use fullurl, filepath, etc. instead of raw paths.
    • External link to this wiki makes it harder to maintain, as link fix can not deal with those links and will result in broken links.
  • Consider to create pages hierarchically, and do not alter the hierarchic structure in language pages.

Namespace Usage

When creating new pages, please select the appropriate namespace/prefix when selecting the page title.

Namespace Examples Usage
(main) Elsword
  • All content related to the Elsword game
Talk (all) Talk: Main Page
  • Discussions related to the contents of the page it's associated with
User User: Kenny
User: Rokujou
  • Userpages for any accounts created on this website
  • Do not create userpages for usernames that are not yours or not created
Elwiki Elwiki: Editing Rules
Elwiki: Elwiki Languages
  • Contents related to the management and organization of Elwiki
File File:Elsword-Logo.png
File:Elsword Portrait.png
  • Image files only
Mediawiki - These pages can only be created and edited by administrators.
Template Template: Dungeons
Template: Characters
  • Templates and other pages that are to be transcluded into other pages
Category Category: Equipment
Category: Accessories
  • Indexes used to organize pages into different categories
Widget - These pages can only be created and edited by administrators.
Sandbox Sandbox:ShironTestPage
  • Test pages where users may create pages to test out coding
Doc Doc:Template:EquipmentPage
  • Coding demonstrations for the usage of templates, pages, etc.
Reference Reference:Elsword/Weapon
Guild -
  • Contents related to user created Guilds

Not following these rules will result in time-outs and bans. If worse comes to worst, the ElEditors and admins will have to lock pages, so please keep these things in mind.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any ElEditor/Administrator or make a discussion page.