Nasod Testing Chamber

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Nasod Testing Chamber

A room where countless Nasods tested their abilities. There are barriers that absorb impact installed all around the chamber.
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode


In order to collect data and check progress of the recovery, they headed to the testing chamber.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • Normal Mode
  • Hell Mode


Entry Requirements
  • Must have reached level 99 and completed the quest [Dungeon] Master Road Entry.
  • Only 1 Resurrection Stone can be used to revive in Hell mode.

Environmental Debuff - Testing Chamber Defense Mechanism

  • ​To prevent excessive destruction, a protective device is installed to suppress the force, Attack and HP will be reduced by 30% (70% on Phase 2). Effects are reduced by Adaptation.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
DurendaIngameHead.png Durenda - The commander of Hernacyd with her trusty lance Phobos.
  • Slash: Perform a close ranged slash with her lance.
  • Flying Assault: Durenda will thrust her lance in one of the eight direction, dragging targets in her way. The areas she'll attack will be indicated by a purple light.
  • Support Assault: Durenda will summon one of her soldiers who will trust their lance in one of the eight directions. The areas they'll attack will be indicated by a purple light.
  • Battalion Assault: Durenda will summon three of her soldiers to thrust their lances in one of the eight directions. The areas they'll attack will be indicated by a purple light.
  • Unit Slash - Single: Durenda will perform a slow wide slash in front. If the attack connects, she will summon a soldier to perform an additional uppercut slash on hit players.
  • Unit Slash - Triple: Durenda will perform a quick launching slash in front. If the attack connects, she will summon 3 soldiers to perform an additional wide slash in the area around her.
  • Assault Barrage: Durenda will teleport away, she and three of her soldiers will perform four waves of Flying Assaults. Each wave can either have them performing vertical assaults, horizontal assaults, or each performing a different diagonal assault.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.

DurendaIngameHead.png Durenda (Phase 2) - The Hernacyd commander fighting alongside Herbaon. She will have perpetual Hyper Armor during the battle.
  • Her and Herbaon share an HP bar.

Durenda is able to use all abilities from phase 1, with the following addition:

  • Flying Hunter: Her special attack. Durenda will continually thrust towards a target for a period of time, tracking them down. She can only turn 45 degree angles. If Durenda hits Herbaon during the attack, they will perform a special attack together that kills all players in the dungeon.
    • After performing this, Durenda will be fatigued and have her defense reduced drastically temporarily.
    • Herbaon will remain stationary for the duration of the attack, but will resume normal combat while Durenda is fatigued.
    • Durenda's overall defense will decrease each time she performs this attack.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.

HerbaonIngameHead.png Herbaon (Phase 2) - Elysion's head architect and second in command below Adrian himself. Once Durenda is reduced to half health, he will join the battle. He will have perpetual Hyper Armor during the battle.
  • He and Durenda share an HP bar.


  • Light Trap: Pull players into an aura of light energy, leaving them open to attack. This deals no damage by itself.
  • Barrier Slam: Herbaon raises his barrier into the air before slamming it into the ground, creating a shockwave that flattens players on hit.
  • Light Arrow: Form a blow-like structure and fire a single large light sphere ahead that pulls players along with it, before it explodes after some time to inflict massive damage.
  • Lasers: Herbaon will summon lasers around the edge of the map which fire inward. He will only fire three at a time indicated by a thin red light, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Laser Hell: Herbaon's ultimate attack. He will send nine barrages of lasers to fire alternating between horizontal and vertical. Each horizontal barrage includes 4 lasers and each vertical barrage includes 8.
    • After performing this, Herbaon will be fatigued and have his defense reduced drastically temporarily.
    • Durenda will disappear for the entirety of the attack and will not return till Herbaon has recovered from being fatigued.
    • Herbaon's overall defense will decrease each time he performs this attack.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames. }}

  • Story Quest Icon - Adrian.png Adrian: We will proceed with the testing.
  • Story Quest Icon - Durenda.png Durenda: If you don't give it your all, you will regret it.
  • Story Quest Icon - Herbaon.png Herbaon: Are you ready, Durenda?
Image Name Boss Character Stats Set Effects
Nasod Controller
Nasod Controller
Durenda & Herbaon

Accessory (Necklace):
+0.5% Magical Attack Power

[Unidentified * 1]

Master Piece:

2 Pieces:

  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
  • Adaptation +1%

3 Pieces:

  • Max MP +20
  • Polarize +3%
  • Adaptation +2%
Date Changes
02/13/2020 03/11/2020
  • Nasod Testing Chamber added.
05/13/2021 06/23/2021
  • Phase 2 damage reduction decreased.
07/06/2023 08/02/2023
  • Boss HP reduced.
  • Hell Mode:
    • Phase 2 Damage Reduction reduced.
    • No longer utilizes Hyper Armor except for the Ultimate Attack.
    • Resurrection limit increased from 1 to 3
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 나소드 테스트룸 Nasod Test Chamber
German Flag.png Germany Nasod-Testlabor Nasod Test Lab
Spanish Flag.png Spain Laboratorio de Pruebas Nasod Nasod Test Lab
French Flag.png France Labo de test nasod Nasod Test Lab
Italian Flag.png Italy Laboratorio Nasod Nasod Lab
Polish Flag.png Poland Nazo-Laboratorium Testowe Nasod Test Lab
English Flag.png United Kingdom Nasod Test Lab
Brazil Flag.png Brazil Câmara de Testes Nasod Nasod Test Chamber

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