Heart of the Ancient Waterway

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Information: This dungeon can only be played in Heroic Mode and Guild Expedition‎.
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Heart of the Ancient Waterway[edit]

You're in the heart of the ancient water flow control center. An elite demon army is waiting for you.

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The heart of the ancient water flow control. An elite demon army is awaiting for the party.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
Hamel-shadow-walker.jpg Shadow Walker - This is the basic Shadow monster.
  • Claw Attack: A basic 3 hit combo with their claws.
  • Recover Claw: When knocked down, spring back on its feet with an overhead claw slash.
Shadow Charger.jpg Shadow Charger - A large Shadow monster.
  • Charge: It will run forward, damaging any players within its path.
  • Grab: It can also grab onto any players, immobilizing them. You can escape from their grasp by rapidly tapping the left and right arrow keys.
Shadow Defender.jpg Shadow Defender - A Shadow monster will a sharper less humanoid build.
  • Shadow Spear: It will launch spears in and arc towards you. When a player gets hit by the spears, they will be Cursed and will gradually lose mana over time.
  • Dark Aura: Emit a dark aura that increases the defense of monsters within range. It will also cause Shadow Charger's Grab to drain HP and MP at a significant rate.
  • Crescent Slash: When knocked down, recover by swinging its thorn like arms ins a circle.
Laguz Stricken City.jpg Laguz - This Water Spirit mermaid.
  • Bubble Attack: She can release 3 bubbles in front of her and popping them, which will damage and inflict Frostbite.
  • Bubble Aura: They can also release a bubble aura to encase any players in range in a bubble.
  • Self-Destruct: After killing one, they will trap any players close to them in a bubble. When trapped in a bubble, you will not be able to move.
Iz Stricken City.jpg Iz - An Ice Spirit mermaid.
  • Ice Breath: She can spew her frost breath in front of her, which induces Freezing.
  • Self-Destruct: After killing one, they will emit an aura that freezes you.
Hamel-shadow-sniper.jpg Shadow Sniper - This Shadow monster attacks by slowly charging up their laser and then firing it.
  • Light Beam: Slowly charges up their laser and then fires it. The laser will travel across the entire stage.
AncientNasodGuard Head.jpg Ancient Nasod Guard - An enhanced version of the Ancient Nasod Sentinel with ranged capabilities.
  • Activate: Upon being approached it will spin dealing damage to those immediately next to it.
  • Slam: The Nasod will slam players with its arms.
  • Arrow: If you are in shooting distance they will shoot arrows.
  • Projectile Counter: They can create a force field to deflect projectiles.
MiniAncientNasodSentinel Head.jpg Mini Ancient Nasod Sentinel - A smaller version of the Ancient Nasod Sentinel.
  • Activate: Upon being approached it will spin dealing damage to those immediately next to it.
  • Projectile Counter: They can create a force field to deflect projectiles.
Ancient Nasod Guard.jpg Ancient Nasod Sentinel - An ancient Nasod found in Hamel's waterways.
  • Activate: Upon being approached it will spin dealing damage to those immediately next to it.
  • Slam: The Nasod will slam players with its arms.
  • Projectile Counter: They can create a force field to deflect projectiles.
Merman.jpg Merman - Holds a fish and whacks you with it.
  • Fish Attack: Swings his fish like a club to harm players.
Hamel-ancient-crab.jpg Ancient Crab - A species of crab with large claws.
  • Block: They can defend oncoming attacks from the front with its claw.
  • Snip: Attack players twice with its pincers.
  • Claw: Attack with its claw inducing Leg Would.
Hamel-shadow-linker.jpg Shadow Linker - A small Shadow monster that can Soul Link just like Shadow Master.
  • Link: The Shadow Linker will link itself with a player causing them to have significantly reduced movement and attack speed.
AncientCockatrigle Head.jpg Ancient Cockatrigle - A beefed up version of the Cockatrigle.
  • Peck: It will peck several times with its beak.
  • Juggle Charge: It will charge forward juggling players in its way with its head.
  • Bird Laser: The Cockatrigle will fire a laser out of its mouth at the grounddealing damage to those in front of it.


Mini Boss
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
4981021401650561275.jpg Fallen Chloe - Chloe returns, corrupted by the forces of darkness. She has lost her bow, so now her moves are pretty much like Wind Sneaker's.
  • Wind Sneaker Combos: She can perform very basic Wind Sneaker commands. Including basic kicks, slide kicks, and a partial air kick.
  • Slash: Chloe draws her knife and slashes you twice with it. Induces KD and Bleed (see Status Effects).
  • Tumble: Chloe will perform a series of back flips, avoid any attack that goes her way. She is completely invincible during this.
  • Dark Force: Chloe imbues her attacks with the power of darkness. Similar to Wind Sneaker's Nature's Force active skill.
  • Dark Spinning Kick: Chloe spins horizontally, drilling into opponents with her feet. Similar to Combat Ranger's Spinning Kick special active skill. This does substantial damage.
  • Dark Slide Double Kick: Chloe slide kicks behind the you followed by a kick and another kick into the air. Similar to Wind Sneaker's Slide Double Kick special active skill. This does enormous damage.
  • Recover Kick: When getting up from being knocked down, she will perform a windmill kick.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Hamel-black-flower.jpg Black Flower - Black Flowers are plants located on the bottom of various platforms. They will attack by emitting poison gas downwards to poison any players directly under them. After killing one, they will emit a toxic cloud to poison any players that are close to it.
Giant Gear.png Giant Gear - Giant gears will run through the two large water canals, these large gears will run into and launch anything, monsters included into the air.
7-4 Portal.png Portal - This portal doesn't attack you, it transports you to farther into the waterway canal and onto the central lift.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
VictorFace.jpg Victor - One of the more aggressive bosses in Elrios. Possesses superhuman strength and loves violence.
  • Dynamic Entry!: Only does it at the start of the match. Victor leaps down from his post and smashes the center of the stage, roaring once he hits the ground. He cannot be damaged until he has finished roaring.
    • Both the impact and roar can deal damage.
      • On each side of the stage there are two starting positions for players, the one on the left closest to the center is in range of the impact. Simply move a little to the left to avoid getting hit.
  • Victor Combo: Poses then strikes in a certain direction three times. Unlike when fighting him as a boss this attack has no super armor frames.
  • Victor Swing: Poses then swings his fists into the air to throw you upwards while in super armor.
  • Victor Charge: Occurs only if you are at a certain distance away from him. It's similar to Burning Rush, except debris will fall from the ceiling on impact with a wall.
  • Victor Assault: Victor roars, beats his chest rapidly, and then launches himself at the nearest target. He lands on them and violently attacks them repeatedly for enormous damage.
    • If he fails to land on a valid target he will not continue with his combo.
  • Body Slam: Body Slam that will inflict Flattening for a period of time. Very fast and powerful but requires that he jumps before performing it.
  • It's Showtime!: Victor leaps into the air and tries to crush you with his weight. He roars after he lands. However, this move can be avoided easily as he only lands on your initial spot, so walk away from it.


  • Story Quest Icon - Victor.png Victor: Kuhahahaha! It's time to play! Kuhahahaha!
  • At the top of the elevator, there are four prongs. However, as the elevator descends, the rear prong is missing, and at the bottom, the front prong is missing.
  • In the room before the boss, there is a box somewhere in the upper left corner. Skills that can reach high places such as Elemental Master's Blizzard Shower or Magic Missile can break it and items will fall down.
  • There is a bug where you are unable to move even after Victor has jumped down. This can easily be resolved by using a consumable item.
  • Elemental Master's Frostbite Sphere causes Victor to lose his collision box when he is Frostbitten, be wary.
Date Changes
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  • Heart of the Ancient Waterway added.
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Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 고대 수로 중심부 Heart of the Ancient Waterway
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 古代水路中心 Center of the Ancient Waterway
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 古代水路中心部 Center of the Ancient Waterway
German Flag.png Germany Zentrum der Alten Wasserstraße Center of the Ancient Waterway
Spanish Flag.png Spain Centro del Canal Antiguo Center of the Ancient Canal
French Flag.png France Centre de l'antique voie navigable Center of the Ancient Waterway
Italian Flag.png Italy Centro dell'Antica Idrovia Center of the Ancient Waterway
Polish Flag.png Poland Centrum Starego Akweduktu Center of the Ancient Aqueduct
English Flag.png United Kingdom Centre of the Ancient Canal
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Coração do Aqueduto Ancestral Heart of the Ancestral Aqueduct

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