Elrios City Defense

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Elrios City Defense

Defeat the demons that are causing the strange incidents in the city!

Defeat the demons coming out of the portal!
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Entry Requirements

Do one of the following:

  • Use a free daily Event Dungeon entry.
  • Have 1 Elrios City Map in your inventory.

How to Play

Shooting Game

In this mode, you will face down the street as demons appears in the distance. Angle your attacks with the and fire a magical laser down the street with which will have a cooldown. Once you've powered up by attacking anything, you will be able to fire the laser without any cooldown, allowing you to sweep and clear enemies with ease.

The objective is to destroy the demon portals that appear. If a portal is left alone, it will begin to emit energy then increase in size, once they've increased in size, it will take multiple hits to destroy the portal. Demons will also appear but will not count towards the objective, however demons will attack your shield, if your shield is destroyed, you will fail. Demons start small and will grow to medium size where they will start to attack, if they grow to their max size, they will continue to attack and have significantly increased durability.

Portal Defense

In this mode, you'll be defending four portals from the incoming demons who will approach from the sides. Demons will either travel at a normal or fast speed, demons traveling at normal speed are capable of switching up or down one lane when they are half way to the portal. Use the to switch layers and sides and attack enemies with close ranged magical attacks with . Once you've powered up, your attacks will temporarily change into a large beam which is significantly more effective at clearing away foes.

Defeating enemies will contribute to the objective. If too many demons infect a portal, you will fail.


Magical Bright:

  • Harmony: Great number of demons are heading this way...
  • Harmony: You must stop them here before they head to the real world!

Shining Change:

  • Bliss: Great number of demons are heading this way...
  • Bliss: You must stop them here before they head to the real world!
Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Heart El Piece Obtained by playing the dungeon. Used to exchange for event items at Ariel.
Heart El Potion x2 Exchange the following at Ariel:
  • Heart El Piece x1
Consumable: Event Recovery

Recover 75% HP
Recover 75% MP
Cooldown time 30 secs.

Heart El Friends Cube Exchange the following at Ariel:
  • Heart El Piece x30 (Glove/Shoe)
  • Heart El Piece x60 (Top/Bottom/Hair/Another Hair)
  • Heart El Piece x80 (Weapon)
Open this box to obtain a costume piece for your current character:
  • The aesthetics of the stage is different depending on the character.
    • Characters associated with Harmony will fight at dusk.
    • Characters associated with Bliss will fight at night.
  • When the player transforms, they will wear the Heart El Friends - Reform set, which is the color scheme opposite of the familiar they are associated with.
Date Changes
05/07/2020 06/03/2020
  • Elrios City Defense added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 엘리오스 시티 디펜스 Elrios City Defense
Japan エリオスシティディフェンス Elrios City Defense
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 艾里奧斯City保衛戰 Elrios City Defense
China (Simplified Chinese) 艾里奥斯都市防御战 Elrios City Defense
Germany Elios-Stadtverteidigung Elrios City Defense
Spain Defensa de la ciudad de Elios Elrios City Defense
France Défense de la ville d'Élios Elrios City Defense
Italy Elios: città in difesa Elrios: City Defense
Poland Obrona Miasta Elios Elrios City Defense
United Kingdom Elios City Defence
Brazil Defesa da Cidade de Elios Elrios City Defense

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