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Trick Finder
Full Name
Lithia Beryl
Trick Finder
Pickaxe, Gemstones, Sling
Extra Abilities
Demonic Magic
Master Skill Damage Increase
Class Tree

Release Date
South Korea 23 May 2024
North America & International 19 June 2024
Japan 19 June 2024
China 19 June 2024
Thailand 19 June 2024
Taiwan 20 June 2024
Europe TBA
Maybe this will allow me to use even more powerful magic.

Trick Finder

[A tracker who uses demon magic to find the culprit of the trap]


  • In-game Version
  • Nexon Version

Lithia has been trying various methods to break the curse of the wraiths.

She feels the curse respond to the demon magic Felix taught her.

But Felix's magic is mostly childish and weak, so Lithia wonders how she can use it effectively in combat, and in order to stop someone who is trying to open a rift in the Silver Lake, she accidentally uses a black ore that has been condensed with demonic power, allowing her to manipulate powerful magic.

Lithia becomes a Trick Finder and walks into the trap to find out who started this plot.

First Class Advancement

Completing the following advancement quest or using the Item Mall item: Trick Finder's Path will change your job to Trick Finder.

Trick Finder
Trick Finder 1/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Achieve Level 15
  • Accept Trick Finder class advance quest

The cursed powers stumbled upon in the ruins.
In order to remove the unknown curse, Lithia attempted all methods that she could think of. When she tried a simple demonic magic that Felix had taught her, she felt a strange sensation. It was as if the curse was repelled by the demonic magic. It was embarrassing to use the childish and playful demonic magics that Felix had taught her... but if she kept using them, it might get rid of the curse.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 500 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Trick Finder 2/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Trick Finder 1/3

Lithia had always wondered how she could use this magic more effectively in combat. It was the dark ore with a crimson light came to her mind. She had gathered the ores that contained strange powers like that of demons hoping that they might be of some use to her research. However, Felix had said that 'the magic was not designed for humans and must be handled with extreme care'. After some hesitation, Lithia decided to forgo the use of ores and use only her power to go forward.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
ED 2,000 N/A N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0
Trick Finder 3/3
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Complete Trick Finder 2/3

The suspicious trails of demons led to the silver lake atop the Zaya Mountains. The sinister powers bestowed by an unknown being emanated from the lake, twisting the organisms inhabiting the lake and the lands around it. Although Lithia destroyed the trinket that was spreading the sinister powers, Lithia could sense the lingering power of the Rift. Who did this to the lake, and for what purpose? What are they trying to achieve with the Rift? Many thoughts flooded into her. She was able to stop this attempt, but who knows what could happen next? Lithia will not let this go unnoticed.

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 1st Job Change Promotion Cube x1 N/A
ED 2,000 [Cobo] 1st Job Useful Items Cube x1 N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0

Upon reaching Lv. 35, a Trick Finder can job advance to a Cynical Sneer.

Skill Tree

Skills Passives
Level 15
Level 25

Level 30
Level 35
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 40.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 2nd job class.

Additional Commands

 : All damage values for new and preexisting commands receive a 1.05x multiplier during 1st job.
Combo Description Damage
After doing a single or the standard combo, throw two cards that explode upon contact or after a certain distance.

151% Phy. Damage
-% Mag. Damage
-% Mag. Damage

After the standard combo, charge forward and create a sphere of energy. Then, finish with an upward swing. You will be in  Self BuffSuper ArmorSelf BuffSuper Armor during the charge and final swing.

252% Phy. Damage
-% ?? Damage
-% ?? Damage



Full Gallery: Lithia/Gallery




  • In this path, Lithia found that the excess mana from the Wraith of the Ruins curse opposed the demon magic she learned from Felix. This is probably due to the curse having a El Priestess origin. When forced to use a dark red gemstone that contained strong demonic energy, the combined magic corrupted the curse, turning the green band to red.
    • Trick Finder artwork still shows the band as green but can be seen turning red in the path video.
  • In her path video, Lithia encounters a mysterious figure during the Zaya Mountains lake incident, whom she vows to hunt down after speculating that they are the cause of the disasters throughout her journey.
  • Majority of skills and artwork show Lithia demonic magic having green and red colors. This is probably used to showcase the corrupted Wraith curse energy and pure demonic energy.
    • This is also shown in the skill icons used in this path where they show hints of red colors.
    • Similar to Rima Clavis, the gem in Lithia's pickaxe turns a dark shade of red to compliment the type of magic she uses.
  • After advancing to Trick Finder, the color of your sling and gemstones will turn a bright magenta color. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 트릭 파인더 Trick Finder