Rift Inside the Rift

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Rift Inside the Rift

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The Rift Inside the Rift

When Mathi's consciousness drifted away due to absorbing Lithia's Henir affliction, his conscious being found itself becoming part of the expanse of Henir itself. When Lithia opened the Rift and was subsequently sucked into it, at some time, Mathi's consciousness manifested as the Rift Inside the Rift appeared to her and acted as a form of companionship to her.

Lithia was unsure of the nature of this being, up until the last moments of her imprisonment within the Rift, she believed it to be either a projection created from her thoughts, or a completely imaginary construct all together. However, Mathi created manifestations of her past in an attempt to keep his friend sane. Though Lithia would destroy them and repeat this cycle countless times. While his friends suffered in her Limbo, Mathi figured out a way to send a signal to Elrios though the sporadic fissures that appeared, one such signal was detected by the El Masters, and led to Lithia's rescue. Though his physical body remains in a comatose state, Mathi's conscious remains within Henir.


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Rift Inside the Rift

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