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Demon Army


A powerful Demon faction which rose to power after a series of coups which ended the reign of the four Demon Lords appointed by the Demon King. They were responsible for all the invasions on Elrios so far, up until another power struggle due to the efforts of the El Search Party caused the legion to break apart as well. The remaining members are led by Barkat.


Ruling the Demon Realm

After a series of uprising which took many of the four Demon Lords out of the equation, the entirety of the Demon Realm became a power vacuum. The political structure that was once present crumbled and even now is still in shambles. However, in the chaos, Barkat rose to power, having been the one responsible for the fall of Steel Queen Luciela, he soon sought complete control over the Demon Realm. At the current state, Barkat appears to have an interests in the old rumors of the Dark El, and seeks the power it could bring.

He would launch large scale rebellions against the other Demon Lords and brought the generals of those Lords on his side. Together they formed the united Demon Army as the Demon Realms current most powerful leading party.

Demon Invasion of Elrios

Barkat used the other generals to launch several campaigns against Elrios, starting with Berthe in Feita as a test run. Soon after successfully opening a gate into Elrios, he launched simultaneous large scale attacks on Northern Fluone, Hamel, and Velder. Scar was also sent to Lanox in a joint effort to revive the Demon God Sult. Jin & In were sent during the invasion of Velder to kidnap the Earth Priestess Artea. Ran attacked Xin taking the Moon El before taking Hamel for the Water El and their respected prophecies. Karis was sent to the Sander region soon after with the Wind Priestess as her target, in an attempt to revive the Behemoth to destroy the land.

Northern Fluone and the Moon El

Ran and Nenya were sent off to the region of Northern Fluone. Once there, Ran came across the capital's guard, Aren, and took over his body. Afterwards, he sought out the Moon El, ending up in the Fahrmann region, destroying Aren's hometown with the exception of his sister, Ara, who managed to flee the scene as Aren's body resisted Ran's attempt to fell her. He successfully obtained the Moon El, and moved on to the next stage of the invasion, but not before coming across his old lord, the Red-Eyed Demon Stirbargen. After the invasion on Northern Fluone was a success, Nenya decided to stick around in an attempt to control the members of Aegirp's faction that were stationed in the region and who were unaware of the invasion at large due to having been cut off from the Demon Realm.

Velder and the Earth El

Jin & In infiltrated the Earth Temple using the Earth El as a connection point and were able to kidnap and flee with with the Earth Priestess Artea, while Chloe led the rest of the army on a conquest through Velder. The army of Glitter soldiers and surprise attack from within the temple in the middle of the palace caught the region off-guard and the attack was almost a complete success, until the El Search Party managed to intervene and close off the Demon Portal inside the palace allowing the army access to Elrios. Their plans foiled, Chloe fled.

Hamel and the Water El

After the attack on Fahrmann, Ran was sent to Hamel. In Hamel after apprehending the Water Priestess Sasha, Ran flooded the Resiam area and corrupted the city's honored Guardian Helputt to join the demons. He used his actions as tools to try and learn of the Water Seal's whereabouts. Ran would later strike a deal with the city's leader Rod Ross to aid in his search but proved futile until the former Water Priest Avalanche revealed that he was in possession of the seal. After being confronted by the El Search Party and Ara in the Hall of Water, Ran fled with the knowledge he had aimed to obtain.

Sander and the Behemoth

Karis was soon notified to enact her plans on Sander. Escalating tensions between humans and harpies, Karis swayed the harpies on her side and kidnapped the Wind Priestess Anduran. She was soon able to hypnotize both the Trock and Caluso into aiding her open of Parugo Mountain. Using the Wind Priestess, Karis was able to reawaken the Behemoth which she planned to use to destroy Sander. Her plans were foiled by the El Search Party and she was defeated in her attempt to control Behemoth.

Lanox and the Demon God

Scar met back up with Jin & In with Artea. They group soon attacked the Fire Temple, taking control of its Holy Beast Ifritan and capturing the Fire Priestess Ignia. In order to protect themselves, they used their magic on the waters of Phantasmal Geyser to hypnotize the mermaids and blacksmiths. Luring the Sun and Moon Priestesses Gloria and Darkmoon, Scar blackmailed Ignia into keeping out travelers from interfering with their plans. Using the Earth Priestess Artea, Scar created a massive chasm deep inside the Fire Temple which would be used to resurrect the Demon God Sult.

The El Search Party discovered what was going on and were able to confront the demon duo Jin & In as well as Scar. They were able to defeat them all and killed Scar. However they were too late and the Demon God was ready to be summoned. Unable to stop him, the group were saved by the intervention of the El Lady in possession of Elesis. She was able to seal Sult away, but not before Sult was able to spread some of his dark influence, making monsters all around the world stronger.

Jin & In were able to escape and returned to the site of the Demon God's resurrection to discover a lingering darkness. Using their powers they were able to give the dark energy a physical form but the results of their work created and incomplete beast. Unsatisfied with the results, the two fled the scene.


Due to the legion's actions being foiled time and time again with the aid of the El Search Party or the intervention of the El Lady, most of the demons retreated back to the Demon Realm. However with multiple leaders having been axed, that left many seats open and a lot of in fighting began in an attempt to claim the vacant seats, resulting in another power struggle and causing the legion to break apart again.

The organized Demon Army as a whole appears to dissipate as the individual parties went their separate ways once more.

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Barkat Leader Active
Berthe Faction Leader Deceased
Ran Faction Leader Sealed
Scar Faction Leader Deceased


  • The army is heavily implied not to be a single organization, but merely an alliance of the 4 older armies that existed prior to the demon king's disappearance, as while they all work together, the members are still referred to under their own army's banner (for example, Ran is still called the Red Demon General), and each army still has their own goals in mind.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 마족 군단 Demon Legion
China (Simplified Chinese) 魔族军团 Demon Legion

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