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Aisha's Grandfather
Full Name
Kuenbaran Landar
Aisha's Grandfather
I can't explain it any other way than to say that all your powers were stolen by that ring.

~ Kuenbaran


Aisha's grandfather and a wise and gifted magician, he traveled the world with his granddaughter Aisha until a mysterious ring took her powers away. Hoping to have his granddaughter's powers recovered, he investigated with her and discovered that the ring was linked to the El. His granddaughter set off on the journey to Ruben.


Searching for the Ring of Mimir

Alongside his granddaughter Aisha, Kuenbaran search the world trying to find the fabled Ring of Mimir, a legendary ring with infinite magical energy sought by the Landar family for generations. One day, he and Aisha tracked down a possible location of the legendary ring in an ancient Ellian ruin. Aisha using her knowledge breaks the seal of the ruins to Kuenbaran's surprise. Inside the ruins, Kuenbaran warns his granddaughter to exercise caution. The girl overly ecstatic to find the Ring of Mimir turned a corner, when Kuenbaran followed her he was frighten to not see her anywhere in sight.

After Aisha had fallen nearly unconscious and the mysterious hooded man having made his way with the Ring of Mimir, Kuenbaran sensing Aisha magical energy tracked her down. Finding her in an altar chamber unlike the one Aisha was just in, Kuenbaran took the unconscious child out of the ruins. When Aisha awoke an entire week later, Kuenbaran worried about what had happened to her. Telling Aisha to take it easy, he regretfully informed her that her powers had indeed been taken and had not recovered over the week. Knowing the Ring of Mimir is tied to the power of El, Kuenbaran suggested to his granddaughter that they should begin researching from there.

Kuenbaran was concerned about his daughter after the fact tirelessly researching the little scrips she had about the Ring of Mimir and the mountain of scripts about the El. When Aisha concluded that her best chance of regaining her powers was to travel to the various El all around the world starting with Ruben's, Kuenbaran agreed to his granddaughters request.


  • While Kuenbaran made a brief appearance in Aisha's Prologue, he was never given a name till the release of the side story Lost Power 1.
  • Kuenbaran is also Yuria's grandfather.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 쿠엔바란 렌다르 Kuenbaran Landar
China (Simplified Chinese) 库恩巴蓝 · 兰德尔 Kuenbaran Landar
France Quenbaran Rendar Kuenbaran Rendar
Poland Quenbaran Rendar Kuenbaran Rendar

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