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Sander Village's Accessory Shop
Full Name
Sander Village's Accessory Shop
The desert wind is so dry. Dry wind damages my beautiful skin...

~ Rosean


Rosean is sister to Richian, an accessory merchant in Bethma Village. Beautiful, strong, and confident, Rosean tends to look down on others due to her privileged upbringing—she even embarrasses her own customers by asking a high price for her goods. She and Vapor don't get along, although she wants to find out the secret to endless youth from Sander's alchemist.


Rosean is Richian's older sister and she lives a very well life due to her father's mining fortune. She moved to Sander and opened up her own accessory shop, much like her younger brother. However, she sees herself above others and is very self-conscious about her appearance. She wants to discover the secret of Vapor's "Potion of Youth" but little would she know Vapor's perpetual youth is the result of a distortion of space and time during one of her experiments.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 로즈앙 Rosean
Japan ローズ・アン Rose Anne
China (Simplified Chinese) 玫瑰安 Rose Anne
Germany Rosanna Rosean
Spain Rosana Rosean
France Rosanna Rosean
Poland Rosanna

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