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Dream Demon Queen
Full Name
Dream Demon
Dream Demon Queen
Enjoy. With no regrets. Like there's no tomorrow.

~ Victoria


Queen of the Dream Demons of Magmelia who took the role after Karis was killed and the Red-Demon Army was dissolved.


Ascension to Queendom

An awakened Dream Demon, after the Red-Demon Army returned to the Demon Realm after the failed invasion of the Elrios, the army soon fell into neglect as Ran diverted his attention elsewhere. During the army's dissolution, Victoria approached Ran, who at that point was actually Aren in disguise, and was easily able to transfer ownership of the remaining forces onto her.

After officially gaining control of the Red-Demon Army as their new queen, she enacted new policies to restructure the army into a the newly founded village of Magmelia which would serve as a hub for entertainment.

Chapter 52: Queen's Concert

When the El Search Party entered Magmelia, Victoria immediately took keen interest in the group, spying on them through Betty. When Vasili and Diana approached her with a plan to turn the El Search Party into Dream Demons, Victoria gladly set up her ritual, in the form of a concert.

The El Search Party storm the stage to try and impede the ritual, after pleading to her their determination to keep moving forward, Victoria realized that even if she were to complete the ritual and they were to become Dream Demons, they'd likely be awakened and continue on their journey all the same. Accepting this, she decides not to turn them, but continues the concert till dawn to neutralize the ritual.

Once dawn broke and the festivities ended, Victoria decided to answer some of the El Search Party's questions, telling them her encounter with who believed was Ran, noting that they appeared oddly weak for their aforementioned reputation. Afterward, beat from the long concert, she decides to rest, but provides the group an invitation to become Dream Demons whenever they finally near death.

Chapter 55: To Abyss

While the El Search Party were at the Shadow Earl's Castle, Stirbargen made his arrival to Magmelia and converse with the Dream Demons leaders about the situation regarding the nearby expanding Abyss. Unfortunately due to her position as Queen, she could not in good conscience investigate the situation herself. Talking with the El Search Party she tells them what she knows and some legends of rumors believing the Abyss to be the origin of all demons. Learning from Tir about Ran's potential presence, the El Search Party decide to investigate themselves and Victoria agrees to provide them with whatever aid she can to assist, delegating Vasili.

Chapter 60: Collapsing Abyss

As signs of the Abyss collapsing became apparent, Victoria and her subordinates arrived on the scene to do what they can as the El Search Party approached the surface. After they all escaped, Rena asks the queen if they could recuperate in Magmelia which she gladly agreed.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 빅토리아 Victoria
China (Simplified Chinese) 维多利亚 Victoria

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