Blood Colonel Edan

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Information: This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
Blood Colonel
Full Name
Blade Master
Blood Colonel
"Is that blood I smell? They call me Edan, do you want to make a deal?"

Blood Colonel Edan


Edan uses a powerful bloody sword that is one of a kind. It is said that he made a deal with something outside the realm of Elrios. No one really knows if it's true or not, but his uniform used to be white. The red is from all the blood stains from his fallen opponents. There is an old Feita folklore about a cursed demon sword hidden in this region's caves. Could he have made a contract with the sword?

Combo Modifications

Edan's in-game model

Edan has access to all of the Blade Master combos with the following modifications:

  1. Sword Taker's XXZZZZ combo is changed to a flurry of 13 hits that ends with a Finishing Slash-like finisher.


Class: Blade Master

Rank: /

Difficulty: ★★★★★


Icon Title Discovery Obtain Stats
Born to Blood Kill Blood Colonel Edan (Blade Master Epic NPC) in PVP Kill Edan 40 times in PVP When debuffed, MP regen per second +5
Add. Damage +7%


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration Passive N/A Like all NPCs, Edan benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Awakening Passive N/A Edan can activate Awakening under 50% HP.
Roar Special Active N/A Edan unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map. This skill will instantly take away 33% of your HP and 400 MP upon contact. Will hit the entire map, but can be dodged with a well-timed special active. Edan will only use this skill if you have been outside of his vision for a long time (prevents charging MP off-screen).
Counter Chance Passive N/A When Edan falls down, he can tap X to sweep his sword in a broad sweeping motion that does not knock down. Edan will use this skill while you are close by after every knock down; be careful, because he was extremely high attack speed and can activate his counter chance very quickly.
Bloody Accel Passive N/A Edan has a permanent Bloody Accel buff. Every hit of Edan's will recover his HP and inflict Wound upon his target.
Evacuation! Passive N/A Edan has a 99% chance of automatically activating Shadow Strafe when hit from behind. Uses up 10 MP every time Edan activates this passive.
Shadow Step Active N/A Edan will thrust during Shadow Step, dealing heavy damage to anyone he pierces.
Cut Tendon Active 7 Seconds Edan does a low slash aimed at one of the opponent's tendons causing the enemy Wound, steadily draining their health while preventing them from running. Duration of Wound is 7 seconds.
Critical Berserker Blade Special Active 7 Seconds Edan swings his sword in a downwards arc at a short range. Edan's Berserker Blade ignores all defense.
Wolf Fang Special Active 10 Seconds Edan does a short leap forwards to tackle his opponent with his claw. On contact with a target, Edan will use the opponent to propel himself into the air and swoop downwards causing two crescents from his blade to attack the target, dealing more physical damage. Edan recovers 50 MP if his Wolf Fang misses.
Shockwave - Divider Special Active 14 Seconds Edan slashes his sword with a forceful aura to send a sonic shockwave downward at a 135-degree angle that travels in that direction until it goes off-screen. One of Edan's rarer skills; he tends to rely on Berserker Blade and Wolf Fang more. You will typically only see this skill after Edan has ample MP (after you've comboed him).


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
El Search Party Officer's Hat (Raven) Costume Hair Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Top Piece (Raven) Costume Top Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Bottom Piece (Raven) Costume Bottom Piece Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Gloves (Raven) Costume Gloves Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Shoes (Raven) Costume Shoes Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Rapier (Raven) Costume Weapon Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Cape (Raven) Accessory (Top Piece) Ice Burner No modifications added.
El Search Party Officer's Ceremonial Sword Accessory (Bottom Piece) Ice Burner No modifications added.


Thanks to his ability to escape 99% of combos from behind, constant invincible framing with his love affair with Shadow Step and ability to siphon HP from you, Edan is the most resilient of the Monster Trio (Valak, Edan and Q-PROTO_00). He can also be considered the most punishing thanks to his permanent Bloody Accel buff: just one combo, or even hit, from Edan will significantly impede your movement capabilities due to the Bleed debuff. Thus, one combo from Edan easily leads to another, as you can expect him to constantly pursue and chase you with his Shadow Strafe, which has no chance of knockdown. Fighting Edan can be an extremely frustrating affair in this manner, leaving you with no chance of escape, or even effective counters, as the loss of dashing removes most characters' faster clashes. Staying clear of Edan for long is not an option either: like all members of the Monster Trio, he is capable of Roaring if you stay out of his field of vision for too long, exerting significant pressure on you to stay in the game lest Edan turn the tables with one shout.

Of all three members of the Monster Trio, Edan has the longest combos, and is not very apt to knock you down. However, Edan also has the weakest combo hits, relying on repeated combos to take your HP down rather than any one single combo like Q-PROTO_00 or Valak. However, he does this very effectively thanks to his Bloody Accel passive, which causes Bleed whenever he hits you, drastically increasing chances of him getting more combos off you after he's concluded his first. To null this advantage, it is very important for you to wait for the Bleed debuff to wear off before attempting to engaging Edan again - it takes 5 seconds for Edan's Bleed to wear off. If you are knocked down, maximize your knockdown time by staying still and rolling away from Edan at the very last moment. After getting up, immediately get out of Edan's hit radius. Aisha has this easy thanks to teleport, but the other characters can also compensate by maximizing their air-time strategically, as Edan has a lower chance of knocking you into another combo if you are airborne.

Edan's Emergency Escape also makes him a pain to approach offensively, because of his tendency to Strafe straight out of combos. To negate this, allow Edan to approach you, rather than attempting to capitalize on errors so you have a higher chance of hitting him from the front. Edan is a huge fan of Shadow Step as a mobility tool; however, it has a fixed range, and its final strafe has a limited range, especially vertically. For this reason, it is easy to bait out a Shadow Strafe, awaiting Edan at the end of his Strafe with a set-up once you are used to his range, allowing you to combo him numerous times. Alternatively, if you are a character with a skill whose hitbox can hit in a range far in front (e.g. EM's XZ, BtM's Magical Makeup XX), you can simply corner Edan and spam away as his Shadow Step invincibility wears off faster than he can move. Eventually, Edan should automatically correct himself and face you, permitting you to just continue the combo as usual.

Finally, while his skills are really nothing to note, his Berserker Blade and Wolf Fang is often used when approaching you, so just keep in mind that he may vary is strategy of approach so you aren't thrown off in case he chooses to use a stray 100 MP. Berserker Blade is notable for its ability to ignore defense, so it can still deal a significant chunk of damage, so watch out for that.

Avoid hitting him in the air, or he will retaliate faster than you can react.




  • Edan's sword is possessed by a blood-sucking monster who he has made a contract with. While it makes him extremely strong, it places a curse on him that essentially makes him into a vampire who needs blood to live.
  • Originally, Edan was a righteous colonel fighting in Feita; however, after making the contract, Edan became corrupted by the power of evil.
  • Being unable to control his thirst for blood, Edan joins the arena.
  • Edan wears the full El Officer set and has a recolored "Nasod Arm".
  • Edan wrote the Perfect Burst Skill Note.
  • Edan appeared as an event NPC during the release of the Guild revamp and for returning players in NA.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 피의 장교 에단 Blood Colonel Edan
Japan 血染めの将校 エダン Bloodstained Officer Edan
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 浴血上校 艾登 Blood Colonel Edan
China (Simplified Chinese) 铁血上校 艾丹 Blood Colonel Edan
France Ethan, officier de sang des chercheurs d'Eldrit El Seeker Blood Officer Ethan

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