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Moon Master
Name Harque Ebalon
Race Human
Role Moon Master
Location Halted Sun's Memory
Voice Actors Korean Flag.png 김영선 Kim Yeong-seon
We Masters must dedicate our lives to the El as well, but the weight we bear is different... How tragic..

~ Ebalon



The El Master of Moon. One of the six protectors of El who worked under the El Lady. The power of the moon gives the people of Elrios comfort and security.


Illuminous Phenomenon

Ebalon tells Solace about the Illuminous Phenomenon, a series of event which occurs to any person chosen by the goddess Ishmael to become the El Lady. Ebalon mentions that those who are chosen to be the El Lady are destined to have their emotions, memories, and sense of humanity slowly stripped away from them. In the end, the El Lady will become a mere component of the El. He tells Solace that their duty and devotion as El Masters are nothing in comparison to what the El Lady must sacrifice, describing the fate as unfortunate.

The Harmony Festival

On the day of the Harmony Festival, Ebalon acting as a spy of Henir's Order secretly activated Solace's machine in such a way to cause the El to go completely unstable. Ebalon completely vanished from the scene as chaos began to ensue the El Tower. Solace confronts the El Lady as she was in a sleep-like state to be consumed by the El. Without much choice, Solace manages to take the El Lady and they flee. The absence of the El Lady resulted in the El Explosion which ravaged Elrios as Ebalon watched from afar. This act of treason was however not lost to the other El Masters who decided to keep the knowledge of Ebalon's betrayal a secret as they focused on keeping Elrios from falling apart.



  • The ending quote of Solace's memories, "Huhu... not a bad ending.", sounds to have been spoken from Ebalon, however the identity of this speaker is left unknown.
    • The voice clip for the line in the game's files is listed under Ebalon's other clips.
    • The actual reveal of Ebalon's involvement would not be confirmed until the Master Road story quests 500 Years Ago, After the Incident.
  • Noah is Ebalon's younger brother, as revealed in one of Noah's promotional videos.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 하르케 이벨른 Harque Ebalon
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 伊贝伦 Ebalon
German Flag.png Germany Ilunis
Spanish Flag.png Spain Ilunis
French Flag.png France Ilunis
Italian Flag.png Italy Ilunis
Polish Flag.png Poland Ilunis
English Flag.png United Kingdom Ilunis

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