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문유정 (Moon Yoo-jeong)
You see my parents were... um... Yeah, they were locksmiths!

~ Mao


A child who was orphaned due to the demon invasions. She is now living under the care of Calonne in the mountains outside a village located in Northern Empire.


Demon Invasions of Northern Empire

Prior to her current situation, Mao was brought about in a family of thieves. Her parent had taught her the necessarily skills in order steal in order to survive. However when the demons attacked North Fluone, both Mao's parent had died in the attacks and she was left alone. Calonne found the lone child and decided to take her in and raise her as if she were his own child, Mao even referring to Calonne as her grandfather.

Second Help

Mao was wandering the guard infested forest at the outskirts of the the regions she lived in, it just so happened that she stumped upon the guards of the regional lord in hot pursuit of Laby. Mao decided to help the child out and the two fled and escaped the guards. Laby thanks Mao for helping her and asks about the men that chased her, Mao first told Laby to be quiet so they wouldn't get caught and explains that the guards were there to keep the villagers from escaping. Mao wonders where Laby's parents, Laby explains that she was with her teacher and they got lost in her own excited way, which Mao did not understand in the slightest but gathers she is by herself. Laby insists she still has Laby but Mao is unsure what to make of the mirror. She introduces herself and offers that she stay at her house for the time being.

They scale the mountainside, Laby wonders why the guards won't let them leave. Mao goes on to tell her the entire situation of North Fluone with the empire's capital having collapsed and the captain of its guard having been turned into some kind of monster. Laby wonders if it was like what happened in Velder however Mao was unsure as no information from the outside had made it into the region. She then tells Laby that the capital had been able to start rebuilding itself but the officials had set their priority on taking out the guard captain's family as opposed to helping the smaller regions. They were cut short as they were attacked by the dokkaebies which dwell on the mountain. They defeat the dokkaebies in their path and eventually make it to Mao's home where they meet her Gramps, Calonne. Mao explains the situation to her gramps and he talks with Laby. Calonne takes a bit of a liking to the girl but find that he must go somewhere and tells Mao to take care of home for now.

She and Laby go to the kitchen to each snacks. Mao begins to worry about Laby, wondering if her teacher is really coming, if he hadn't passed in the storm. Thinking about that she began reflecting on what had happened to her and how she had lost her parent during the demon invasion. She does also mention that after that is when Calonne found and took care of her, teaching her, and is the reason she's even here now. Upon reflecting on everything that has transpired, she tells Laby that her ultimate goal is to be somebody that could help others without hesitation. Laby noticed she is very similar to Bellonde. Mao comments that Laby is certainly a strange child, but accepts her for what she is. They then leave the kitchen to wait for Calonne elsewhere.

Where Faith Comes Together

They they went to see in Calonne had returned they were shocked to see that he was being abducted by the Lord's soldiers. Mao and Laby give chase but the soldiers escaped with Calonne. Mao gets very upset and sad by the abduction of her grandpa. Laby, unsure what Mao is feeling asks he what she wants to do, she tells her that she wants to save Gramps. Laby cheerfully seeks to save him but Mao completely distraught points out how ridiculous that would be. Laby promises to help Mao like she had to her, Mao begins to realize now isn't the time to cry and agrees that they should act now. The two take a shortcut though a dokkaebies infested pass to get to the Lord's Keep fast. On their way, Mao wonders why Laby would be so eager to help, she explains that she helps anybody who seems nice that needs help. Mao understands but tells her that her kindness could be something people could take advantage of. Soon after they arrived at the base of the mountain where they are spotted by the guards, they fight and Mao notices how unexpectedly strong Laby was. Laby wonders why the people seem to be so eager to fight, Mao explaining that the situation of the village itself, how the previous Lord disappeared and the new Lord, Nenya, took over and soon became a ruthless dictator, forcing everybody to fend for themselves. They make it to the front of the Lord's Keep where they are confronted by the Lord's Keep Guard Captain, the captain asserts that Calonne is locked in prison for personally offended the Lord, Mao doesn't believe his words. The captain then alludes to Calonne's past, planting seeds of doubt in Mao. They defeat the captain who retreats into the keep, locking them out. They now know Calonne is in prison so they devise to sneak into the keep from the roof.

They sneak into Lord's Keep through the roofs. Laby wonders why Mao appeared to be experienced doing so, Mao not wanting her to know her past dodges the question. She then notices the alarming number of soldiers inside the keep itself, far more than had first come to the village. She soon discovers that the soldiers themselves were monsters, resonating the same aura as the monsters which attacked Northern Empire, she is petrified with terror. Laby calms her down and refocuses her mind of saving Calonne. Sneaking through the chambers of the keep they come upon a locked door, using her picks and her thieving experience she is able to pick the locks. Laby once again wonders how she knew to do that and if Calonne had taught her, Mao tells her that her parents were the ones that taught her, but not wanting to say they were thieves, said they were locksmiths and warns her to be careful so they don't get caught. Laby asserts her fight abilities but Mao laments that she is weak and would run away it things got dangerous. Laby disagrees with her, even saying that if she were truly like that, she would have ran away already. Mao still uncertain with herself exchanges a small thanks to Laby. She opens the door, Laby says she is amazing like a thief, which trigger Mao to deflect, saying they were "ninjas". They reach a dead end but Mao finds Calonnes glasses on the floor, Laby stumbles and manages to reveal a secret door leading down into a dungeon. They enter the underground dungeon where Mao is attacked by Gunther. Laby manages to defeat the commander and save Mao, Laby asks if Mao was okay and she tells her that the necklace she wore which Calonne had made somehow protects her from harm. Mao heartfully thanks Laby for everything she has done and even apologizes for using her to save Calonne and insists she must do the rest alone. Laby asks if Mao could do it by herself before calling her an idiot for believing she had to do it alone. Laby tells her that she is helping her because she wants to and cares for her. Mao realizes how stupid she was acting, Laby asserts that they will both save Calonne together.

From the Ground Up

They travel down into the Underground Prison, while inside she begins to wonder if Gramps had actually done something, putting together why they lived so far away from the Lord. Seeing all the monsters hidden within the keep itself, she begins wondering if Calonne was hiding secrets, realizing that the aura they gave off was very similar to that of her Gramps, even Laby picks up on Mao knowing this. Laby tells her she must ask him herself. Guards come their way and they sneak by them. The two girls are called to by a prisoner who reveals himself to be the previous Lord of the land. He please the children to wait it out till the capital's army comes for support but Mao regrettably inform him that the capital is in too much disarray to help them out. The lord fears he'll be taken out now that he has no use to Nenya, then warning them about the head jailer. Laby decide to recklessly help both the lord and the other prisoners escape the prison, Mao initially tries to dissuade her reckless actions but is soon caught up in helping her. Afterwards, Laby apologizes to Mao diverting their mission but Mao tells her she did the right thing. They press on to find Calonne but Mao worries about the Head Jailer that the lord mentioned, Laby asserts she is going to win no matter what, but she worries that Laby might get exhausted eventually. Calonne heard the two girls, is shocked and concerned for why the girls were even here. The two free Calonne but trigger an alarm, he is surprised that they were the cause for the ruckus in the prison but are soon broken up the Head Jailer Deborah. Deborah and Calonne exchange words before Laby fights her, afterwards it became very apparent to Mao that Calonne was likely a monster himself. Mao quickly accepted the fact seeing that there was a greater problem at hand and press for them to tackle Nenya head on.

They meet up with the Estranged Lord once again who thanks the two children and commands the freed prisoners to launch an attack to escape. Mao reassures him that once things are over and they explain to village what had happened, they will be open to his return. As Calonne, Laby, and Mao travel upwards to Nenya's chamber, Calonne reveals that Nenya is a demon who invaded capital several years ago, this being the first time Mao had heard of the demons since Laby mentioned it a while ago. Calonne telling her that the other nations referred to these creatures as demons, Mao putting two and two together realizing they were one in the same force. Calonne reveals that Nenya planned to take over North Fluone but Mao find that claim outrageous with the small forces, Calonne tries to tell them his plan but they are interrupted by the Captain Guard. They travel upwards take on Gunther and then they find themselves confronted by Deborah once more. Calonne is shocked to see his colleague once again on the side of the enemy but something seemed off, Mao realized she wasn't understanding anything they were saying. They defeat Deborah and learn that Nenya had injected them with his power and was able to control them, now killing Nenya was the only solution. They make it to his chamber where Mao sees the lavish furnishing and becoming angry knowing where much of their taxes had gone. Nenya makes himself known and tries to convince Calonne to create a demon portal, but Calonne could not even if he wanted to, grown frustrated Nenya captures Mao and uses her as hostage. Mao desperately tells Gramps that he cannot obey the demon no matter what and he strikes Mao down. Laby fights and manages to kill Nenya, Calonne rushes to Mao side and is relieve to see that the necklace he had made for her had managed to keep her alive.

Some time later, Mao recovered from her injuries and woke up back in her home. She woke up just in time to see Calonne complete work on a compass he believed could help Laby find her way. A compass which pointed toward and energy which he believed caused Nenya to begin acting rashly. Before Laby leaves she wonders what they were all going to do now, Mao tells her that they still have a lot of work to do to fix up the village. She wonders about the demons, Calonne telling her that they've been gotten under control. Mao thanks Laby for everything she had done for her and hopes the best for her search for her teacher. She bids farewell and hopes they meet each other again.

You and I Are One

A while after she had left, Mao worries if Laby actually found her teacher. Calonne reassures Mao that she should be fine so long as his compass works while he makes honey peaches. Mao wonders why he is making so much, in which he replies he wanted to be prepared whenever Laby returned.

Village Restoration

The Lord of the land in cooperation with the White-Ghost demons began to rebuild the region. Eventually academic institutions were back and operation. With the Lord's aid, Mao was now enrolled in school. When Laby, Ara, and Gaia arrived to seek Calonne's help, her adopted father departed while she stayed in the area.

Alternative Names

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South Korea 마오 Mao
China (Simplified Chinese) 玛奥 Mao

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