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COBO Service


COBO Service is a large company in Elrios designed to deliver packages and hire adventurers across Elrios. The company has grown immensely since its humble beginnings and now is the primary hub for hosting events all across Elrios.



COBO was originally founded as a small company which specializes in delivering packages. Soon the company expanded to hiring adventurers and performing odd jobs to help the citizens of Elrios. Once chaos began to spread in Elrios, more adventurers began to appear all across Elrios and COBO Service grew along with the adventurer population to the large corporation it is today.

Modern Function

Employees like Ariel and Luriel provide various services to adventurers all across Elrios, constantly traveling. COBO had a very strict code of conduct and takes mistakes heavily, including pay cuts. Employee face strenuous work hours and minimum vacations.

Technological Advancement

COBO possesses various subdivisions including various research and arms divisions. The technical department was even responsible for inventing the Express Cobo Service which allowed for communication with the remote dimension of Elysion and the Demon Realm

Notable Members

Character Role Status
Ariel General Staff Active
Luriel Bank Staff Active
Myu Guild Staff Active
Adams Entertainment Staff Active

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 코보 서비스 COBO Service
China (Simplified Chinese) 科宝服务 COBO Service

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