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Dream Demon
Torta Brothers Member

~ Shaddie



Chapter 63: Underground Den

While the El Search Party were making their way through the Hunter's Hideout, Shaddie shows up to test any challengers that come to their turf. The El Search Party prove themselves formidable against her and puts them through one final test, calling Jecky the Jabberwock. She waves goodbye to her old friend Eri, who was guiding the El Search Party, before leaving.

Chapter 64: Hunters' Canyon

Once the El Search Party arrived to the Torta Arena, Raven decided to fight Ricardo one on one. While this was going on, Rena asks Shaddie about the Land of Steel. Shaddie tells them about the wall at the border, how Glitters airships attempted to cross the border to no avail and that sea travel is only might be potentially possible with really small groups.

After Lilith left the arena, after interrupting the match. Ricardo concedes he would've likely lost if not for Lilith's interruption and accepts defeat despite Raven being incapacitated by the intruder. He orders Shaddie to kick out the spectators before talking terms with the El Search Party.

When discussing how to make it over The Great Steel Wall, since it does not recognize Lu, Shaddie mentions a route they'd developed and presents it to Raven as their new boss. Raven is surprised to learn he is now their boss. Shaddie explained that since he defeated boss, he is now the big boss. Raven doesn't want to be their boss, Eris decides on chief, to be his moniker which Shaddie agrees.

Explaining how they could infiltrate the wall, Shaddie tells them they've set up a transpiration device to get atop the wall, but the wall is not only tall, but a deep expansive maze. She provides them a map of what they know and bids farewell to their new chief.


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