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Rena's Mother
Full Name
Rena's Mother


Rena's mother.


The Wilted Flower

After his daughter Rena collapsed after trying to plea to the spirits to revive Lua's flower. Lua brought Rena back to the village where Lillia and her husband Isilad were made aware of their daughter's condition.

While Isilad went on to contact the Elder, Lillia stayed be her daughter's and Lua's side. Lua became very worried for her best friend while Lillia did what she could to calm the child. When the Elder, Branwen arrived, the two parent stood by their daughter as the Elder helped her recover form her condition.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 릴리아 Lillia
China (Simplified Chinese) 莉莉娅 Lillia
Germany Lillia
France Lillia

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