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For the Challenge Mode raid dungeon, see Hadron (Savage White-Ghost's Castle)
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White-Ghost Army Soldier
Full Name
White-Ghost Army Soldier
Hahahaha! You think land crawlers like you can take me on?!!

~ Hadron


A member of White-Ghost Army, formerly a subordinate under Deborah's command, he has now sworn his allegiance to Berthe's current reign.


Elrios Operations

In the past while Aegirp was still leading the White-Ghost Army, Hadron was a soldier that served under the command of Deborah. When a Deborah and her troops were assigned to travel to Elrios for their peace negotiations and trade operations, Hadron was left behind due to him at the time being considered too weak.

Fall of the White-Ghost King

After Berthe's successful coup against the White-Ghost King, Hadron eventually fell in line under Berthe's new allegiance. During this time, the soldier began much stronger.

Chapter 47: End of Long Standing Enmity

During the El Search Party's infiltration of the White-Ghost's Castle, Hadron along with much the present White-Ghost Army was alerted of the intruders and were headed to engage them. Asella as well as other forces from Aurora showed up just in time to hold off the incoming White-Ghost Forces while the El Search Party entered he castle. Hadron engaged the El Search Party as they enter the castle.

Preventing them from pushing forward, the El Search Party caught a lucky break when Deborah just so happened to teleport into the castle completely unaware of the actual situation. Deborah decided to take on her former subordinate which allowed the El Search Party to travel deeper into the castle.


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 하드론 Hadron
China (Simplified Chinese) 海德伦 Hadron

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