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The Second Genius Magician
Full Name
Yuria Landar
The Second Genius Magician
Voice Actors
박고운 (Park Gowoon)
I may not look like it, but I'm the Landar family's SECOND! Youngest genius magician! Huhu.

~ Yuria


The Landar family's self-proclaimed Second Genius Magician. She is the current leader of the Landar Camp traveling through the Northern Lanox region headed toward Elrianode.


Waking from a Long Slumber

Yuria was investigating a recently emerged Elrian temple but lost her staff was attacked by monsters and then saved by Noah. Noah gives her back her staff and she takes notice of Noah's weapons which appeared to have a seal put on it, she dispels the seal, which unbeknownst to her, awakened Clamor. Returning to the Landar camp with Noah, she was greeted with much of the camp falling mysteriously ill. Titania speculates it might be a curse from the newly emerged temple. Yuria suggests using Moonflowers, Titania agreed, suggesting Yuria stay in the camp as she was also starting to feel ill. Yuria asks Noah to escort Titania, which he agrees.

Regret, and Determination

In the following cycle, Yuria is saved by Noah much the way way as before. But this time she overhears Noah lamenting about Clamor. Yuria consoles the boy who vents his thoughts. She urges him to learn more about Clamor before passing judgements and that Noah needs to trust himself and stop hesitating on his decisions. Noah finally remembers and gives Yuria back her staff. Noah warns her about what is going to happen to the Landar camp, suggesting she get Moonflowers before running off deeper into the temple.

What Needed to Change

After leaving the temple, Yuria saw Titania casting a curse that caused much of the camp to fall ill. Yuria remained hidden while Titania disappeared. Yuria tried to get Moonflowers like Noah suggested but she soon finds that Titania must've destroyed them on her way out. Noah says he'll find the flowers and gets Yuria to unseal Clamor, thought he unsealing process was slower this time.

Yuria begins to frantically do all she can to tend with the ill, tying out different potions to no success. Noah returns with the Moonflowers and the knowledge that the curse was actually a poison. She uses the flowers to make a cure to distribute to the sick. Curious of the status of her unsealing, Yuria takes Clamor and it surprised when she could hear his voice. Yuria asks about the status of Titania and then agrees to following Noah to the mansion, suspecting Titania is a part of Henir's Order.

Forbidden Area

Whist Noah was under Titania's hallucinogenic influence, Yuria managed to catch up and save Noah, breaking him out of his trance and fending off Titania. Titania flees and Yuria treats Noah before the two follow the vines into the depths of the mansion's lab. Yuria fills Noah in that the Landars were headed to Elrianode and they were already suspicious that there was a member of Henir's Order amongst their ranks. Clamor fill the group in on the incubators that they need to destroy, the two split up to deal with the lab. While Noah ran into and was dealing with Titania, Yuria finished off destroying all the incubators. Backed into a corner, Titania used a Seed of Life on herself and took on a mutated form to deal with the two kids. The kids manage to get the upper hand but Titania decides to cave the place in as a last ditch effort. Noah suddenly loses consciousness and Yuria managed to protect themselves and escape from the collapsed ruins.

Unfamiliar Home

After escaping the collapse, the Landar Camp continued their way to Elrianode. While Noah was still unconscious, Yuria and Clamor conversed on the trip, Yuria leaning of the past and Clamor learning of the emergence of demons and the actions of the El Search Party. Noah wakes up and they fill him in just as they reached Elrianode.

Ventus greets the newly arrived Landars and instructs them to set up camp in the city. Noah and Yuria speculate upon Henir's Orders actions before Noah decides to investigate Elrianode on his own and they split ways for the time being.

Information of Glacial Land

Yuria learned of Calonne's presence in Elrianode and was surprised to learn that demons were currently in the city. Growing curious, she talked with Calonne, the old engineering finding the girl similar to his granddaughter. She overheard Calonne communicating with the Demon Realm, from the sound of it, the El Search Party were doing well and something about the Red-Demon King.

To the Red Demon Territory

As Noah prepared to go the Demon Realm to meet with the El Search Party, Yuria comforted the nervous boy. Yuria goes on to speculate about Titania, who she'd been close with for a long time, but something about her changed after she'd been stationed in Velder for a time. Though the time for Noah to depart came up, Yuria did express worry that they were never able to find any trace of Titania in the wreckage.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 유리아 Yuria
Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 尤莉亞 Yuria
China (Simplified Chinese) 尤利娅 Yuria

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