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For the Challenge Mode raid dungeon, see Haivan (Savage White-Ghost's Castle)
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Winster's Son
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Full Name
Winster's Son
Voice Actors
석승훈 (Seok Seung-Hoon)
I will stand up on my own and become a pioneer to carve us a path.

~ Haivan


Son of the Rigomor's chief, Winster, a Nous born in the seafloor wasteland, part of the new generation of Nous.


The Deal

Haivan was a Nous born in the seafloor wasteland of Rigomor. Unlike his father, he did not grow to share the same reverence for their people's previous lord Aegirp who had long since been scattered into soul fragments before he was born. Seeing their village's pursuits to revive their old ruler as foolish, Haivan seek alternative methods behind his village's back. Eventually coming into contact with the new White-Ghost Army and eventually coming to a deal with Berthe to appoint him among their ranks.

Chapter 38: Deal for Return

When the El Search Party arrived in Trosh's Nest, Haivan was in the area searching for his yellow scarf which had been stolen by the region's fauna. He noticed the El Search Party approach and confronts them, but the group explain to him they were aiding his father. Haivan suggests the engine they're looking for had been taken by the local Trosh and agrees to lead them. Learning that his father had told them some of their races history, Haivan notes the Garens physical superiority to the Nous. Rena wonders if he had seen a Garen before, Haiven mentions Nichel. Ara became curious of their clan's ruler, which Haiven tells them was one of the Four Demon Lords, Aegirp. He reflects upon idolization of the ruler by his father, wondering if his views are warped. The arrive at the nest where he takes a backseat to allow the El Search Party to face the Trosh. After the group managed to get the engine back, Haivan reclaimed his scarf, Haivan attempted to finish the Trosh off himself but was stopped by Chung, Lu mentioning their promise to Winster.

When they returned to Winster's submarine, Winster reveals Lu was the Steal Queen and bows to her, something which caught Haivan by surprise in disbelief. Winster lashes out at his son for not paying his respect for their rightful rulers, Haivan begrudgingly apologizes. The El Search Party ask Winster of knowledge he has or portals and Winster eventually reveals the existence of a prototype, Haivan opposes the suggestion as they've never properly operated the prototype before. They not they don't have a sufficient energy source but are shocked to see Eve bring to them a Mystic Stone fragment which would do the job. Eve and Add demand the guaranteed use of their portal before they'd agree to aid them, Winster agrees to their conditions while Haivan remained skeptical of his faith.

Chapter 39: Abandoned Icerite Plant

In order to create the key to enter the laboratory with the portal, Winster takes them to the Abandoned Icerite Plant. Arriving to the plant, Add is curious why the process to open a single door is so convoluted, Haiven mentioning the lab holds secrets they don't want uncovered. Going into the history of the Icerite Plant, Haivan demonstrates to the El Search Party Icerite as an energy source. Chung notices the pink gas emitted from the process, Haivan stating they realized the applications of the gas as a poison, though laments its ineffectiveness considering the El Search Party mowing through them. Waiven takes Elsword, Aisha, Raven, Ara, and Add to the refinery.

Haivan instructs the group to recover scrap parts from the old A.M.P.S robots to use to repair the refiner. It turns out some of the robots were still functional and began to attack the El Search Party. When the group managed to destroy the attacking robots, Haivan was surprised at their strength. Add demands answers for what had happened and Haivan decides to mess with them, playing the role of the villain, whether maliciously or not. However in the end they produced enough scraps to repair the refinery. As he began to work on repairs, Raven wonders why the plant is abandoned, Haivan tells of incident with the gas that resulted in his father closing the plant, lamenting the research efforts lost they could've used against the Garen. Elsword realizes that the driving force for many of the Nous was revenge, Haivan agreeing to his claim. Haivan begins to speak of the old generation holding onto their golden age, but sees them as holding back progress. Add argues that abandoning his past won't bring the prosperous future he wants. Haivan admits the risks but stresses how long it would take to revive the White-Ghost King and if that'd even turn their tides, stating that things will never be as they were before.

Haivan and Add both work on the refiner simultaneously as they bicker between each other, making surprising progress while doing so. Once the repairs were complete, Haivan asks them why they'd keep to his father's promise if they were to successfully get the portal running. Ara reinforces that they keep their promises, Add growing more suspicious of him, Haivan expressing likely suspicion. The refiner begins to work but they were interrupted by a giant Frost Hermit in the lower area. The entire El Search Party go down to confront the monster and manage to defeat it. During that time Haivan decided to produce the key during the battle before there is a chance for the machine to get damaged. After telling the rest that he had made the key, he decided to go on ahead and suggests to his father and Nichel that they should head back to the village.

Chapter 40: Another Deal

Haivan reaches the laboratory and opens it himself, there he makes his way to the control center of the Titan stored within. When the rest of the group arrives, Haivan is disappointed that his father and Nichel too came. He admits he isn't an idealist like his father and finds the gathering of the Soul Fragments as a lost cause, believing they have to seize fate into his own hands, activating the Titan. He tells them his belief that the peace created between the Nous and Garen by the White-Ghost King was a farce destined to fail and spears them to use the technology they have to fight back, that he will spearhead that fight. With the help of Winster, the El Search Party infiltrate the Titan and manage to cripple it. In a desperate act, Haivan overloads the core which may have caused it to implode but the group manage to destroy it before it caused any real damage. Berthe and his forces suddenly appeared.

Winster was desperate to tell his son to run away, but Haivan reveals that he was cooperating with Berthe and gave over Aegirp's soul fragment and the portal technology to secure his place as the White-Ghost Army's head portal technician. Elsword attempted to take on Berthe but the demon had become more powerful since they last met, having absorbed one of Aegirp's soul fragments on top of the El Search Party's fatigued status. The horns of the approaching demon army rang in the distance, something that caught Haivan by surprise. The El Search Party manage to escape through the portal due to Winster's help. Haivan suggests they leave the area and wants to leave the place alone. Berthe take the portal technology but also decides to take Winster with them as they head back to the demon capital.

Chapter 46: Second Soul Fragment

While stationed in the ranks of the White-Ghost Army, Haivan quickly got on Berthe's good side by inventing a device which would aid in tracking down the energy signature of the White-Ghost King's soul fragments. With it, Haivan aided Berthe in tracking down all but the two last fragments. With the last two in sight, with Haivan's information, Baryon's group were sent to track down the soul in the Sanctuary of the Soul. In secret, Haivan frees his father.

Haivan tracking the souls himself comes upon the knowledge of others also hunting down the fragments. He sends a message to Aurora, under the ruse of being a message from Winster, warning that the souls were being tracked and they should abandon their search. This message forces the El Search Party to take their hunt directly to the White-Ghost Capital, however Haivan set up a trap on route, stationing a train under his control.

When the El Search Party board the train, it begins to move on its own, as they approach the capital, Haivan appears before the El Search Party, Aegirp's soul fragments begin to gravitate toward Haivan out of the group's control. Nichel tries to plead to Haivan, believing he is letting on. Haivan tells them he wants to take matters into his own hand before fleeing the train, before he left, he mentions that someone will be at the end of the track. The train the El Search Party were on then took a detour on route to an abandoned station in the mountains where Winster should be.

Chapter 47: End of Long Standing Enmity

When the El Search Party alongside Winster arrive at the foot of the White-Ghost Castle, Haivan is the first to spot them, wishing they'd simply leave with Winster now free. The El Search Party express their need to stop Berthe from launching his attack on Elrios. Haivan sees that they don't get his big picture and dismisses them, Winster tries to apologize to his son but they're reunion is cut short by a siren alerting the White-Ghost Army of the intruders. Haivan needing to tend to his own plans immediately takes his leave.

The El Search Party struggle into the White-Ghost Castle, when the floor beneath them descends into an armory filled with an armada of Iserlohn weaponry. Elesis is horrified that they may use this arsenal to attack Elrios. Haivan appears to confirm that that was Berthe's plan, but affirms that it won't happen. Ara asks what he means by that, Haivan revealing that does intend to give Berthe all the soul fragments to awakening the White-Ghost King's power, however he wishes to put an end to the White-Ghost King then and there, bringing an absolute end to her era. His father apologizes for his own weakness and tries to convince him that the White-Ghost King could help them unite everybody, however Haivan is quick to criticize his father putting so much faith in the White-Ghost King and not enough on his own accomplishment, wanting him and everybody to realize their own potential and value. Not wanting them to intervene with the final stage of his plan to rid the Berthe and the White-Ghost King for good, Haivan takes the offensive, mounting one of the Iserlohn machines.

Haivan is defeated, left out of the count. Elesis confronts the boy to assure herself the portal will not lead to Elrios. Haivan reveals he'd set the destination to a completely random point, so the likeness of it leading to Elrios is near 0, much less any place habitable. Nichel ponders if what Haivan planned to do was a result of seeing Aegirp's memories, Haivan confirms that each fragments contains parts of the King's consciousness and merging them together will reform the White-Ghost King. He planned for this reemergence of the White-Ghost King within Berthe to cause them to destroy each other, or for her to hold themselves back long enough for him to destroy them. Haivan believe power should be held among the people, not the monarch. Eve steps in, believing that it that that was exactly what Aegirp was aiming to achieve, splitting herself into fragments, waiting to come back when her people could create the world she had wished for.

Nichel expresses her view of harmony to Haivan, believing that simply ridding of Berthe and Aegirp will not solve his problem. She expresses that perhaps Aegirp's insight might serve to benefit a future ruled by its people. Haivan accepts that they wish to revive Aegirp and puts up no more opposition if they choose to do so, however he warms their time in short.

Resting inside the castle while the El Search Party fight Berthe, Nichel radios Asella but their transmission cuts off. Haivan sense something is amiss and viewing towards the portal, the fusion of Aegirp and Berthe created a barrier around the castle. Haivan connection the dots together realizes that Aegirp's will must be taking hold of the fused entity and wishes to destroy itself and the portal to ensure it will never fall into the wrong hands, however everybody within the barrier are within the beast's path of destruction.

In a last ditch effort to resolve the situation, Haivan decides he could sacrifice himself and absorb Aegirp's soul into himself, he'll put up no resistance to the king's will and the White-Ghost King will be revives, but likely at the cost of his own life. Nichel rejects Haivan's solution, she decides she will absorb the soul herself. Haivan wonders how that is any different, but Nichel believes she could merge with the White-Ghost King without losing herself in the process, much like how Ara and Eun coexist.

As the dust settles and a figure emerged from the fog, the White-Ghost King is revived within Nichel's body. Aegirp's greets her once companions while Haivan runs up and demands to know what became of his friend, he is calmed to learn she did not disappear but still demands the wraith frees herself from Nichel's body. Aegirp has to decline, wishing to see this new world Nichel believed in. Winster arrives to scold his son.

As the situation in the White-Ghost Territory resolved itself and the El Search Party were ready to move on, Haivan approaches them, asking if they knew of Nero. Aisha told him they did and Haivan wishes for them to tell the boy that they were sorry.



  • The artwork for Haivan lacks the yellow scarf around his arm until the El Search Party returns to Winster with the Submarine Engine, implying it is the object he was looking for in the Trosh's Nest, further supported by its tattered state. The importance of the scarf is left unknown.

Alternative Names

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South Korea 하이반 Haivan
China (Simplified Chinese) 海云 Haivan

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