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Mermaid Queen
Full Name
Mermaid Queen
Voice Actors
Erin Fitzgerald[1]
The secret to my beauty is the Hot Spring water. The Hot Spring in Lanox is good for relieving fatigue.

~ Sirena


The guardian queen of the mermaids. She was hypnotized by the demon duo Jin and In, but has since recovered and now oversees the Lanox Hot Springs.


Chapter 18: An Exposed Dark Secret

As part of the El Search Party arrives to collect her Crystal Ball in hopes of undoing the spell cast over the blacksmiths, they witness the demon duo Jin and In using a spell to drive the Mermaid Queen mad. The duo then flees, leaving the party to fend off the enraged mermaid queen. Chung discovers the crystal ball shattered in pieces across the hot spring, lamenting the fact that their plan will no longer work, and apologizes for having to subdue Sirena before the fight commences.

After being knocked out, the party returns to Lanox, where Lu tells the party spells such as the ones cast over the blacksmiths and the mermaids do not last forever, and peace eventually does indeed return to the hot springs.



  • Sirena has heart shaped pupils.
  • Sirena shows up at the background at Lanox's hot spring Charming Geyser.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 세이레나 Sirena
Japan セイレナ Sirena
China (Simplified Chinese) 塞雷纳 Sirena
Poland Syrena


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