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Ruben Village

Image Name Village Role Description
Lowe Ruben Village's Drillmaster Lowe has experience in all forms of physical combat and can improve the melee skills of any character. He may look innocent, but he's fearless in battle.

Lowe also appears in PvP as an "Epic" NPC and in Gate of Darkness as the first ally to replace a player. He fights using traditional Lord Knight attacks.

Hagus Ruben Village's Chief Hagus is not much to look at, but he's got the mind of a master strategist. He never shaves his beard because it represents his long-time experience as a battle tactician. As the Chief of the village, his duty is to give several quests to warriors and travelers to prove their strength.
Ann Ruben Village's Item Shop Ann is a merchant in Ruben who cares greatly for the guardians of the El Tree, the Ancient Phorus. Ann is a purveyor of the basic equipment needed to explore a dungeon.
Purified Spirit & Shy Spirit Spirit Falls‎ Manager A spirit hanging around the Spirit Falls‎.

Supporting NPCs

Image Name Village Role Description
Banthus Bandit Leader The leader of a notorious bandit group who stole the El Shard from Ruben Village.
Ancient Phoru Holy Beast The Holy Beast of the White Mist Swamp.

Miscellaneous NPCs

Main Article: Miscellaneous NPCs

There are a variety of characters that exist in the Elsword universe with varying importance. Some of these miscellaneous characters do not appear physically in the game but are either mentioned or seen in other parts of the lore.

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