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Unique Equipment

Unique Equipment is a powerful type of equipment that comes in many varieties. A generic variety is obtained through drops from bosses and mini-bosses, as well as the Blacksmith Profession. Unique-grade equipment generally has much higher stats than other equipment, and has the second-highest amount of socket slots in the game, next only to Legend Equipment. Many Unique sets also offer powerful bonus effects, but can be very time-consuming to obtain.

Cube Sets

Cube Sets are rare pieces of equipment obtained from Adventurer Cubes. There are a total of 8 different sets, all with different effects and level requirements. Please note that Cube Sets cannot be equipped by Laby.

Icon Name Stats Set Bonus
Ample Bravery Weapon

Lv. 18 Weapon:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Action Speed +3%

Ample Bravery Set:

2 Pieces Effect:

  • Resistance to All Attributes +50
  • Awakening Charge +5%

3 Pieces Effect:

  • MP Recovery Attacked +5%
  • MP Recovery Attacking +2%

4 Pieces Effect:

5 Pieces Effect:

Ample Bravery Top Piece

Lv. 16 Top Piece:

Ample Bravery Bottom Piece

Lv. 16 Bottom Piece:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Resistance to All Attributes +20
Ample Bravery Gloves

Lv. 16 Gloves:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Action Speed +1%
Ample Bravery Shoes

Lv. 16 Shoes:

  • [2 Unidentified Stats]
  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Jump Speed +3%

Other Sets

To view other Unique equipment sets, please select a set below to view their respective pages.


  • Formerly, Unique equipment could be obtained from Henir's Time and Space prior to the January 17, 2019 KR patch (February 20, 2019 in NA).

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