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The mount system allows you to hop onto powerful mounts that you can ride to help you progress through dungeons.

How to Acquire a Mount

Formerly, mounts were obtainable from Fossil Readers, which behaved similarly to Ice Burners, and yielded similar rewards, with pets and mounts instead of costumes. After the removal of Fossil Readers, mounts are now exclusively obtained from the Item Mall and events, or by trading them with other players. The cost to purchase a mount from the Item Mall is 2,390 K-Ching (NA).

How to use Mounts

To begin using mounts, you must acquire the Summon Stone item of the mount of your choice, then right-click it to add it to your mount list. Once added, you can access your mount list through your pet interface by clicking on the "Mount" tab. Here you can check your mounts stats, abilities, and stamina. To get on your mount, select the mount and click 'Ride', and subsequently press 'Get Off' to dismount. Alternatively, you can mount/dismount quickly by right-clicking the mount on your mount list, or using the [G] key. Mounts can be used in fields, and inside of normal and secret dungeons.


Mount Interface

Whilst using a mount in battle, the mounts stamina bar will decrease over time.

  • Stamina is consumed at a rate of approximately 1 point every 3 seconds.
  • Stamina is regained 1 point every 7 seconds while dismounted or in a town/rest area.
    • 2 points are gained every 7 seconds while mounted inside of a Hot Spring.
  • Sitting down on your mount in a field will regain 1 stamina point every 3 seconds.
  • 20% of your mount stamina can be instantly regained by drinking El Energy Fuel.

Mount stamina bar at 66% and 0%

Once your mount's stamina reaches 0%, you will automatically dismount, and you will temporarily be unable to mount it again until it regains a sufficient amount of stamina.

Special Abilities of Mounts

A player riding a mount, with Mount Skills shown

Mounts come with a number of unique features and abilities to aid you in combat. While riding your mount, your skills will change into Mount Attack Skills. Each Mount has a different set of skills available, and they can be used by pressing the [Z], [X], [C] buttons. Each mount controls and moves differently, and has their own individual perks. One such example, is that the Cockatrice can double jump while the Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-R is able to air-dash and glide.

In addition, all mounts give you the following buffs while mounted:

Icon Effects
  • Reduce damage received by 50%
  • Recover 2.5% HP every 5 seconds
  • Activation chance of certain Elements +2%
  • Default walking speed is increased by 700
  • Basic dash speed is increased by 1000
  • A special movement can be used

Full List of Mounts

Below is an overview of every mount in the game across all servers, featuring their respective summon stone icon. Do note that some mounts are exclusive to the KR server. To see each mount's individual stats and abilities, please refer to the Mounts Skill Information below. Mounts that aren't listed here, such as the Halloween Hameling, were exclusively used in event dungeons, and therefore have no summon stone, and cannot be acquired.

Full List of Mounts
Icon Mount Name Icon Mount Name
Moby Chariot RT (돌진 전차 모비RT) Cockatigle (바람의 코우시카)
Ancient Phoru (에이션트 라이딩 뽀루) Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-R (퐁고 스콜피온 TYPE-R)
Ice Hameling (아이스 하멜링) Fire Hameling (파이어 하멜링)
Dark Hameling (다크 하멜링) Eve's Custom Oberon 650 (이브 커스텀 - 오베론650)
Ancient Moby Chariot RT (고대의 돌진 전차 모비RT) Ancient Cockatigle (고대의 바람의 코우시카)
Ancient Ancient Phoru (고대의 에이션트 라이딩 뽀루) Naver Ancient Phoru (네이버 에인션트 뽀루)
Eve's Custom Black Skull (이브 커스텀 - 블랙 스컬) Eve's Custom Angel Heart (이브 커스텀 - 엔젤 하트)
Moby Chariot RT - Blue Storm (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 블루스톰) Moby Chariot RT - Golden Fire (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 골든파이어)
Moby Chariot RT - Sweet Blossom (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 스윗블러썸) Sacred Fox - Red Spirit (비호선 - 적령)
Teddy Bear - White (테디베어 - 화이트) Teddy Bear - Brown (테디베어 - 브라운)
Ponggo Scorpion TYPE-E (퐁고 스콜피온 TYPE-E) Moby ver. Mini (모비 ver. 미니)
Ramiel (라미엘) Nasod Battle Gear (나소드 배틀 기어)
Nightmare (나이트매어) Larva - Yellow (라바 - 옐로)
Larva - Red (라바 - 레드) Senarhl (세나르)
Ascalon (아스칼론) Raul's Vassal (라울의 하수인)
Sacred Fox - Black Spirit (비호선 - 흑령) (WFC) Bumblebee (범블비)
Prime (WFC) Optimus Prime (옵티머스 프라임) Jet Ski E77-DX (제트스키 E77-DX)
Rickshaw Phoru (고객감동 뽀첨지) Oberon 650 Ver.Keroro (오베론 650 Ver.케로로)
Oberon 650 Ver.Kururu(오베론 650 Ver.쿠루루) Oberon 650 Ver.Giroro(오베론 650 Ver.기로로)
Oberon 650 Ver.Dororo(오베론 650 Ver.도로로) Oberon 650 Ver.Tamama(오베론 650 Ver.타마마)
Lord Baal (군주 바알) Baal, Lord of Destruction (파괴의 군주 바알)
Hellhound (헬 하운드) Lord of Inferno (로드 오브 인페르노)
Drakion (드라키온) Moby Chariot RT - Sunshine Gold (돌진 전차 모비RT 커스텀 - 선샤인골드)
Phantom Steed (팬텀 스티드) Perkisas (페르키사스 - 현신)
Nightmare - Black Blood (나이트메어 – 블러디 블랙) Maru (마루)
Dekal's Chair (데칼 의자) Gale Force (게일포스)
Dormant Sacred Fox - Red Spirit (잠재된 비호선 - 적령) Corgi (꼬기)
Sacred Fox - Yellow Spirit (비호선 - 황령) Seta (세타)
Nono (노노-MK2) Rakshasa (나찰)
Dekal's Chair TYPE-H (데칼 의자 TYPE-H) Space Moon Rabbit (스페이스 문 래빗)
Dark Chaser (다크 체이서) Wah-Kun (쿤)
Gold Falcon (골드팔콘) Amba (아이기스)
BeBe (베베) Golden Corgi (황금꼬기)
Somi (솜이) Nell's Bicycle (자전거 - 넬)
Celes (케레스) Dark Griffin (다크그리핀)
Witch's Broom (마녀의 빗자루) Star Witch's Broom (별빛 마녀의 빗자루)
Guac Guac (곽곽이) Shaviana Carpet (사비아나 러그)
Hover Bike GB (호버바이크 GB) Alpaca Tutu (알파카 튜튜)
Hallow Wheels (할로 휠즈) Elephant Shrew (코끼리 땃쥐)
Arcana Chair (아르카나 체어) Phantom Carriage (유령 마차)
Pom Pom (폼폼) Hamy (하미)
Melo (메로) Holy Deer (홀리디어)
Berthe (베르드) Sugar Glider (슈가글라이더)
Squirrel Thunder (람쥐썬더) Tacitus (타키투스)

Mounts Skill Information

  • The mount's damage output is taken from the average of your Physical and Magical Attack
  • The cooldown and MP cost of each type of mount attack will be identical.
    • [Z] attacks have no cooldown.
    • [X] attacks have a 5 second cooldown.
    • [C] attacks have a 10 second cooldown and requires 250 MP.


Moby Chariot RT


Ancient Phoru

Ponggo Scorpion


Eve's Custom

Sacred Fox

Teddy Bear






Lord Inferno

Dekal's Chair

Gale Force


Witch's Broom

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
El Energy Fuel Obtainable from weekly Guild missions. Recovers 20 stamina of the Mount you are riding. (Cooldown time: 30 seconds)
Mount Random Cube Reward from some events. Randomly obtain a Mount.
Maximized Saddle Reward from My Helpful Friend event. Doubles the attack power of mounts while this item is in your inventory.

Tips and Details

  • Each character can own up to 50 mounts.
  • When mounts use their C attacks, you can still be hit.
  • When you are on a mount, you cannot Mana Break.
  • When you Awaken while riding a mount, there won't be any delay so getting hit may nullify your Awakening.
  • You can sit your mount by pressing the default button for action1 or typing /action1.
    • None of the other actions (action2, action3, action4) will sit your mount down.


  • Moby Chariot is based off of one of Eve's drones.
  • The Larva mounts are based off of a Korean animated series called Larva.
  • The name of the mount Ramiel means Thunder of God, hence its ability to use lightning. Ramiel is also the angel of hope that guide the faithful, hence its title of Guardian Angel in its release.
  • The Ramiel mount cameoed as a cross promotional pet in KOG's MMO Grand Chase under the name Archangel.
  • Bumblebee and Optimus Prime mounts are based on the characters of the same name from the Transformers franchise.
  • Eve's Custom verions Keroro, Kururu, Giroro, Dororo, and Tamama, are all based on the respective characters from the Sgt. Frog series.


Date Changes
05/02/2013 01/15/2014
  • Mount System released.
??/??/2018 ??/??/2018
  • Buff icon changed from to .
07/30/2020 08/12/2020
  • Mounts are summoned faster than before when entering a village.
    • My Mount window will appear immediately.
- 04/14/2021
  • Fixed mount moving sound persisting when you talk to an NPC while moving on a mount.

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