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What are Monster Cards?

Monster Cards are consumable items that can only used in dungeons. They cannot be used in the Hunting Fields. They will represent a certain monster, miniboss, or NPC that will help you fight against any opponent using the same attacks that they possess in the dungeons that they appear in. They can also be used in the Free Training as training dummies.

Characteristics of Summoned Monsters

Most Monster Cards share certain characteristics.

  • The summoned monster will stay on the field for 180 seconds.
  • The card will have a 250 second cooldown after being used.
  • Their attacks will not knockdown.
  • If the monster moves too far from you or if you move too far from the monster, they will automatically teleport back to your side.
  • The monster will not be affected by buffs such as the Aura Accelerators.
  • Any summoned monster that die will not be considered a kill. Therefore, it will not contribute to stamina consumption, quest requirements, or title requirements.
  • The summoned monster's stats is dependent on the summoner's level. They will not be affected by the user's stats.

Obtaining Monster Cards

There are a few ways that you can obtain Monster Cards, such as:

  • Collecting them from killed monsters or minibosses in dungeons
  • Obtaining them as a reward from certain events
  • Obtaining them from Field Boss Cubes
  • Purchasing them from other players, via the Market or directly trading
  • Exchanging 12 Competitor's Coins to Camilla (Applicable only to Epic NPC Cards)
  • Crafting them with a character who chooses Alchemist job (Applicable only to some Epic NPC Cards and Unique Monster Cards)

List of Monsters












Epic NPCs

Unlike other Monster Cards, the Epic NPC Cards can be obtained only through exchanging 12 Competitor's Coin to Camilla or trading with another player that has it. They're also obtainable from Field Boss Cubes. Unlike other Cards, they are not usable in the Training Room and will not appear in the Room's drop down menu.

Unique Monster Card

These cards can only be obtained by crafting them with a character that chose the Alchemist profession. These cards can only be crafted if your character has reached the required Alchemist level. Unlike the other Monster Cards, these 3 cards have a duration of 240 seconds instead of 180.

Exclusive Summon Card

Exclusive Summon cards functions differently from Monster cards or Epic NPC cards. When these cards are used, the summoned monster will appear and use a certain move before disappearing. They will not remain to fight for you afterwards. These cards can be obtained by crafting them as an Alchemist or via certain events.

Image Monster Name Attack
HQ Shop Item 78917.png
Ancient Nasod Princess Apple Heaven's Fist - Pressure
HQ Shop Item 78918.png
Green Forest Ranger Lime Airelinna
HQ Shop Item 78919.png
Royal Guard's Ice Princess Noah Blizzard Shower
HQ Shop Item 78920.png
Lord of Pain Valak Nuclear
HQ Shop Item 78921.png
Code:Q-Proto_00 Generate Black Hole and Junk Break (simultaneously)


Pre-Release Event Cards

Release Event Cards


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