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What is Fever?

Fever is a special gauge found at the upper-left corner of your screen. It fills up by one each time your party completes a room in a dungeon, up to a maximum of 100 points.

Advantages of Fever

When your fever gauge is full, your party can benefit from the following:

  • A random event can trigger while in Dungeons/Fields, which will recover every party member's HP, MP and all Awakening Beads (100% DP recovery on Add, Phase 3 Awakening effect applied to Ain's Awakening Bead).
  • MP recovered when attacking increased by 100% for 20 seconds.

Guardian of Secret Closed Space

Guardian of Secret Closed Space title

Guardian of Secret Closed Space is a title that can be obtained by exchanging 150 El Rewards via Ariel. One of the title's effects is the ability to activate Fever upon Awakening. There is a cooldown of 180 seconds to this effect. It can only trigger Fever if the player equipped with the title is playing with at least one additional player. This form of Fever can also activate while the Fever gauge is not full.

Through this title, Fever can activate when the player triggers any effect that activates Awakening Mode, including Awakening Potions and through regular Fever.

Tips and Details

  • Fever will activate more frequently if there are more members in the party.
  • If a member of the party leaves the group, the Fever gauge will lose some of its points.
  • Fever will automatically be filled to 100 points if the party was made via the dungeon queue system.


Date Changes
11/19/2020 12/16/2020
  • Forced Awakening removed.
  • HP Recovery added.
  • MP Gained when Attacking Increase buff added.
  • Now fills Awakening up to 3 Beads.
    • Ain will skip straight to the 3rd form.
    • Add's DP gauge will be fully replenished.

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