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Guild Banners are a customizable visual representation of your guild.

Basic Information

Guild Banners are a feature that allows you to customize a unique banner design to represent your guild. Banners pieces can only be purchased and customized by the Guild Master, or members given privileges to modify it. There are 5 parts of the banner which can be customized; Pole, Edge, Background, Insignia, and Blessing. The first 4 of which are purely aesthetic, while Blessings offer special buffs to all members of your guild while active. There are currently 150 customizations total, with the inclusion of the default options.

Banners can be modified at Myu by selecting the Banner Storage option to view all of your available options. Banner parts can also be purchased from her shop. Banners will be displayed next to her in towns, as well as inside of the Guild Base. You will only see your own guild's banner this way, however you can display your banner for others to see by pressing the F1 key. You can remove the banner by pressing the key a second time.

List of Customizations

The following customizations can all be purchased from Myu, or unlocked by playing Guild Expedition.

Color \ Design Gray Brown Ivory Yellow Sky Blue
Row 1




Color \ Design Purple Green Blue Red Pink
Row 2




Color \ Design Gold White Black
Row 3
Unlocked by being the first guild of the month in a server to reach Stage 40 of Guild Expedition.




Blessings can be added to your guild banner, which will grant its respective buff to your entire guild. There are currently 6 Blessings available.

Blessing Effect
Solitary No effect
Iron Will Debuff Duration -1% * Enhancement Lv.
Revival Recovery Item Effect +1% * Enhancement Lv.
Wealth ED Gain +1% * Enhancement Lv.
Experience EXP Gain +1% * Enhancement Lv.
Greed Item Drop Rate +1% * Enhancement Lv.

These blessings must be unlocked to use and require you to activate them by using guild coins. This can be done through the Banner Storage menu at Myu by selecting Blessing Renewal. The blessing will last for 2 days before expiring.

Blessing Enhancement

The extent of a Banner Blessing's effects is based on its enhancement level. Blessings increase in effectiveness by 1% for each enhancement level. Blessings can be enhanced by using the Blessing Enhancement option in the Banner Storage menu at Myu.
Maximum level is 10.
With increasing level the amount of coins needed to upkeep the blessing also increases.

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