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Quest Icon.png Quests

Quests are missions and tasks that players may complete to obtain various rewards, ranging from items and equipment to money and Experience Points. They can be obtained from various NPCs in town or from the Board that is located in every town and Resting Area.

There are various types of objectives that a quest may possess. This includes:

  • Talking to a certain NPC in town
  • Clearing a certain dungeon (either with or without additional victory conditions)
  • Collecting items (either from defeated enemies or crafting)
  • Defeating a certain number of opponents
  • Using a certain item

Quest Icon.png Quest Menu

After accepting a quest, the information can be found in your Quest Menu, which is accessible by pressing "L" on your keyboard. The Quest Menu organizes your quests into 4 categories: Standard, Story, Event, and Guild. The Story, Event, and Guild tabs will keep track of your Story, Event, and Guild quests, respectively. The Story section will also leave a record of your past Story Quests, where you can reread the dialogue of the story. The Standard tab will keep track of all other quests that you have accepted. You can only accept a maximum of 50 quests.

The Quest Menu also has a Video section, where players can access and view any unlocked animated cutscenes that they have unlocked. Currently, only 12 videos are available, each corresponding to the completion of the final dungeon of each town, Wally's Underground Laboratory and Henir's Time and Space.

There is also a Quest Skip button. Skipping a quest will only yield 50% of the reward EXP and items while ED will not be obtained. Certain quests related to Secret/Heroic dungeons cannot be skipped.

Quest Icon.png Types of Quests

  • General: General Quests are normal quests that can be completed once. They can be accepted by most NPCs after you meet the requirements.
  • Repeatable: Repeatable Quests are quests that can be completed multiple times with no limit, so long as the objectives are met. Some General Quests can also be converted to Repeatable Quests that can be continuously completed as long as you are within a certain level range.
  • Daily: Daily Quests are quests that will appear on the Board as acceptable quests each day. After completing the quest, you may retake the quest during the following day, after the server's clock passes midnight.
  • Weekly: Similarly to Daily Quests, Weekly Quests are quests that can only be accepted and completed once every week. After completing the quest, you may retake the quest during the following week, after the server's clock passes midnight into Thursday.
  • Monthly: Similarly to Daily Quests, Monthly Quests are quests that can only be accepted and completed once every month. After completing the quest, you may retake the quest during the following week, after the server's clock passes midnight into Thursday.
  • Class Change: Class Change Quests are quests that players must take in order to advance to the 1st and 2nd Job Class. These will be available to characters at Level 15 and 35.
  • Skill: Skill Quests are quests that players must take to unlock certain skills in your Skill Tree. For more information about Skill Quests, please visit this page.
  • Event: Event Quests are quests that are created by the game administrators. Most Event Quests will be automatically accepted upon logging in. These Event Quests can also be classified as a General Quest, Daily Quest, or Repeatable Quest. In most cases, Event Quests will not reward you with ED or Experience Points.
  • Story: Story Quests are quests that depicts the primary story of the game.
    • Side-story: Side-story Quests are quests that depict additional stories that are not part of the main storyline. These quests can only be completed once per day and the following quest in the questline cannot be accepted or completed until the next day. After completing certain quests, a cutscene will be unlocked and can be viewed while in town or Field.
  • Guild: Guild Quests, also known as Guild Missions, are quests that are assigned and completed by players that have joined a Guild. There are two types of Guild Quests: individual and co-op.

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