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The Soulmate System is a Bonding feature that allows players to pair up as a Partner to receive various benefits. It is a friendship-oriented counterpart of the Wedding System.


Partner Necklace

To become partners, you must find another player to be your partner. To pair up with another character, one player must use the item Partner Necklace, which can be obtained from the Item Mall for 500 K-Ching, or the Epic Point Shop for 500 EP. The player with the necklace will request partnership and if they accept, the two players will become partners and receive certain benefits. Unlike Couple/Marriage, there is no restrictions.

Partners Benefit

  • Unlocks the Extreme Heavenly Bond skill.
  • Partner only chat becomes available.
  • Receive 1 Partner Anniversary Cube in the mail every week. You will not receive this reward on the day you become partners
  • Check bond info through the Bond Community Tab.


Soulmate Mark (Vow of El)

After becoming partners, players can move on to next level by becoming Soulmates.
Purchase a Soulmate Mark (Vow of El) only from the Item Mall (1,700 K-ching) to begin the Vow of El. If the Vow of El is accepted, the following will be sent to your and your partner's mailboxes:

  • Soulmate Under Vows Outfit Cube
  • Vow of El Entry Ticket

The Soulmate Under Vows outfit come sealed, are tradable, and are permanent with the following stats:

  • Physical Attack +30
  • Magical Attack +30
  • Physical Defense +30
  • Magical Defense +30
  • +2% chance of double attack (Except special actives)


Soulmates Benefit

  • Extreme Heavenly Bond skill is upgrade to level 2.
  • Soulmate only chat becomes available.
  • Receive 1 Vow of Celebration Cube on the day of the ceremony.
  • Receive 1 Vow of El Anniversary Cube in the mailbox once a week on the same day you chose to become soulmates. However, you won’t be able to receive one on the day you become soulmates.
  • Will receive soulmate title.

Soulmates Titles

After the Vow of El concludes, they will be mailed Under the Eternal El Tree (30 Days).

When Soulmate status lasts for a certain amount of time, they will receive a title in the mail to celebrate their milestone. There are three available titles, each corresponding to the milestone of 100 days, 150 days, and 365 days.

The titles will be available to the players after they passed the milestone, even if they choose to break up with their partners after obtaining them. If the player remarries, they can still receive a new set of these titles but they will not be usable.

Title Image Item Icon Name Requirement Stat Effects
Under the Eternal El Tree (30 Days) Obtained after your Vow of El concludes. EXP +20%
Drop Rate +10%
?? Obtained after being soulmates for 100 days. Action Speed +1%
?? Obtained after being soulmates for 150 days. Action Speed +1%
Critical +1%
?? Obtained after being soulmates for 365 days. Physical Attack +365
Magical Attack +365
Action Speed +1.5%
Critical +1.5%

Vow of El Remind

Soulmate Mark (Remind)

While under the Vow of El status, you can purchase a Soulmate Mark (Remind) from the Item Mall (900 K-ching) to renew the duration of benefits by 30 days.


Date Changes
06/08/2023 07/05/2023
  • Soulmate System added.

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