Regional Equipment

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Regional Equipment

Regional Equipment is the basic equipment given to players as they progress through the Story. Each region from Ruben to Elysion has at least one regional equipment set to help you progress, without the need of buying new equipment. The Rare grade regional equipment is rewarded from specific story quests, and is given in the form of Cubes, which contain the respective equipment and appropriate weapon for your character. They can also be obtained as drops in dungeons, along with the Normal, Elite, and Unique grade versions.

Old Regional Sets

Previously, regional sets all offered special set effects and designs based on their respective region. However, after a patch, the previous regional equipment can no longer be obtained by any means, with the exception of trading with players who still have them.

Region Image Name Item Level Set Bonus
HQ Shop Set Sword Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Staff Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Bow Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Blade Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Gear Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Cannon Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Spear Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Sword Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dynamo Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set Dualweapon Rare Lv1.pngHQ Shop Set WeaponPack Rare Lv1.pngPendulum Rare Lv1.png
Red Giant Weapon Item Level: 12
Required Level: 8

2 Pieces Effect:

  • A 10% chance of damage received being reduce by 20%. (Dungeon)

4 Pieces Effect:

  • Critical +5% (Dungeon)

5 Pieces Effect:

HQ Shop Set Upbody Rare Lv1.png
Red Giant Top Piece Item Level: 6
Required Level: 4
HQ Shop Set Lowbody Rare Lv1.png
Red Giant Bottom Piece
HQ Shop Set Hand Rare Lv1.png
Red Giant Gloves Item Level: 6
Required Level: 2
HQ Shop Set Foot Rare Lv1.png
Red Giant Shoes

Old Crafting Materials

Previously, regional sets could be upgraded from their normal state to their Advanced version (e.g. Bandit Weapon to Advanced Bandit Weapon). To do this, you were required to have the following materials for the respective set you wished to upgrade, along with some scraps and patterns. This was later changed, as regional sets can no longer be upgraded.

Old Crafting Materials
Image Item Name How to Obtain What Can Be Upgraded
HQ Shop Item 109971.png Ruben Forest's Spirits All Ruben Dungeons Red Giant Set
HQ Shop Item 109972.png Banthus's Bandit's Hood 2-1 and 2-2 Bandit's Set
HQ Shop Item 109973.png Elder Mercenaries' Flag 2-3 through 2-5 Elder Mercenary Set
HQ Shop Item 109974.png Bethma Native Dyestuff 3-1 through 3-4 Red Rock Chief's Set
HQ Shop Item 109975.png Miner's Cloth 3-5 and 3-6 Nasod Miner's Set
HQ Shop Item 109976.png Black Crow's Feather Ornaments 4-1 through 4-3 Black Crow's Set
HQ Shop Item 109977.png Shape Memory Alloy 4-4 through 4-6 Altera's Set
HQ Shop Item 112022.png Evil Spirit's Essence All Feita Dungeons Feita's Royal Knight Set
HQ Shop Item 110882.png Glitter Armor Piece 6-1 through 6-3 Velder Militia Set
HQ Shop Item 110883.png Dark Crystal 6-4 through 6-6 Glitter Hunter Set
HQ Shop Item 111377.png Tangled Element Shard 7-1 through 7-4 Tempest Set
Fire Flower Set
HQ Shop Item 111619.png The Great Chaos of Wind Crystal 7-5 through 7-7 Bizarre Chaos Set
Twisted Wind Set
HQ Shop Item 111378.png Black Storm Crystal 8-1 through 8-4 Black Rock Set
Desert Storm Set
HQ Shop Item 117303.png Demon's Runic Core 8-5 through 8-6 Fallen Behemoth Set
Demon Guard Set
HQ Shop Item 117550.png Crystallized Ember Shard 9-1 through 9-3 Hidden Flare Set
HQ Shop Item 117703.png Berserker's Blood 9-4 through 9-6 Berserker's Roar Set
HQ Shop Item 117823.png Diceon Gemstone 10-1 through 10-3 Enchanted Diceon Set
Hernacyd Equipment Piece.png Hernacyd Equipment Piece 10-4 through 10-7 Hernacyd Guard‎ Set

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