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An example of an assigned mission, located at the top-right corner of your screen.

The Random Mission System is a system where players may receive missions while playing in dungeons. These missions will assign a random task for the party to complete and reward them with additional EXP and a temporary buff in their stats/abilities.

Mission Restrictions

Random missions will not appear if the player is fighting in any Special Dungeons, Event Dungeons, Gate of Darkness, or any dungeon in Ruben, Elder, or Underground Garden.

Players may only receive one mission per dungeon run. If the player fails to complete the mission, they will not receive another one until they start a new dungeon run. These missions will also be assigned to all members of the party but each member must complete the missions individually to receive the rewards.

Types of Missions

Missions will only appear after the party reaches the 2nd stage of the dungeon. It cannot begin anywhere else in the dungeon.

Mission Task
Continuously attack for a certain number of times
Continuously attack for a certain number of times within a certain time limit
Deal a certain percentage of damage to the Boss
Complete the dungeon without being attacked for a certain number of times
Clear the dungeon within a certain time limit
Clear the current dungeon sub-stage within a certain time limit
Use a certain number of Quick-Slot items before clearing the dungeon
Consume a certain amount of MP before clearing the dungeon
Consume a certain amount of MP within a certain time limit
Use a certain number of Active skills within a certain time limit
Use a certain number of Special Active skills within a certain time limit


After a player completes the required task of the mission, they are rewarded with additional EXP and an additional buff. Their EXP will increase by a random percentage, ranging between 110% to 500% increase. This increase in EXP will only apply after the player completes the dungeon. They will not receive this benefit if they exit the dungeon early.


After completing a mission, players will immediately receive a buff. These buffs will not provide any benefits in PvP. Buffs can be stacked up to 3 times, which will accumulate their effects. For example, 3 stacks of the Attack/Defense buff will increase a max level player's Attack and Defense by 9%.

The duration of each buff is 30 minutes. The duration can be reset if the player receives an additional stack towards it. The time cannot be stacked the same way as the buff's effects can. After the number of stacks reaches 3, the duration can no longer be reset. The duration of the buff will continue to drop, even if the character is logged off.

Types of Buffs

The types of buffs that players may receive after completing a mission is dependent on the level of their character. If the player has reached the level cap, they would be able to receive better buffs that those who are below it.

Icon Characters at Max Level Characters under Max Level
Effects (Per Stack)
Status 204.png
  • +3% Physical Attack Power
  • +3% Magical Attack Power
  • +3% Physical Defense
  • +3% Magical Defense
  • +2% Physical Attack Power
  • +2% Magical Attack Power
  • +2% Physical Defense
  • +2% Magical Defense
Status 206.png
  • Action Speed +3%
  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Jump Speed +3%
  • Action Speed +2%
  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Jump Speed +3%
Status 208.png
  • HP/MP Recovery +3%
  • HP/MP Recovery +2%
Status 216.png
  • All elemental resistances +50
  • All elemental resistances +25
Status 217.png
  • 3% chance of double attack
Status 218.png
  • Natural HP recovery +0.1%

Tips and Details


Date Changes
02/09/2017 -
  • "Resurrect yourself or your party members for a certain number of times" mission deleted.
09/24/2020 09/23/2020

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