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Dismantling is a process where players can disassemble a piece of equipment, accessory, or costume into crafting materials. Dismantling does not require any prerequisite requirements or costs to perform.

As of May 30th, 2018 in the North American server, players have the option to dismantle multiple equipment, accessories, and costumes at once, up to a maximum of 30 at a time.

Dismantling Equipment

Advanced Dismantle

Main Article: Profession System#Advanced Dismantle

Advanced Dismantle is a special form of dismantling that is available to only characters that have chosen the Blacksmith profession.

Heroic Equipment

Unlike other equipment, Heroic Equipment will only yield Heroic Weapon Fragments. The number of materials obtained is dependent on the equipment's type, rarity, and level requirement.

Equipment Type Level 90 Heroic Equipment
Elite Unique
Weapon 12 Heroic Weapon Fragment 24 Heroic Weapon Fragment
Top Piece 6 Heroic Weapon Fragment 11 Heroic Weapon Fragment
Bottom Piece 5 Heroic Weapon Fragment 10 Heroic Weapon Fragment
Gloves 5 Heroic Weapon Fragment 9 Heroic Weapon Fragment
Shoes 4 Heroic Weapon Fragment 8 Heroic Weapon Fragment

Apocalypse Type - Void (Proto) Weapon

Unlike other equipment, the Apocalypse Type - Void (Proto) Weapon will only yield a random number of Energy Shards, ranging from 20 to 100.

Dismantling Accessories

As of March 15, 2017 in the North American server, accessories can now be dismantled. Dismantling accessories will not yield any Weapon Scraps, Armor Scraps, or El Gems. Dismantling an accessory that is part of an Ice Burner set will automatically yield 25 El Shards (Mystery).

Only certain accessories can be dismantled. Most accessories obtained from events and all accessories purchasable from NPCs can not be dismantled.

Dismantling Costumes

Costumes can also be dismantled. Dismantling costumes will yield a certain number of El Shards (Mystery), depending on the costume's type.

Costume Type Amount of El Shards (Mystery) Yielded
Shoes 12
Gloves 12
Bottom 25
Top 25
Weapon 35
Hair 25
Accessory 25

Obtainable Items

Dismantling equipment, accessories, costumes, and furnitures will yield a variety of items, depending on the dismantled item's type and rarity.

Obtainable Items
Image Name Limitation Image Name Limitation
Magical Crystal Equipment Blessed Enhancement Stone
Magic Stone Rare grade equipment/accessories and above Advanced Magic Stone Elite grade equipment/accessories and above
Sage's Magic Stone Hanger items El Shard (Mystery)
Magic Amulet Lv.𝑥 Equipment dismantled with Advanced Dismantle Energy Shard Apocalypse Type - Void (Proto) Weapon
(Not obtainable anymore)
Heroic Gear Piece Level 85 Heroic Equipment
(Not obtainable anymore)
Heroic Weapon Fragment Level 90 Heroic Equipment
(Not obtainable anymore)
Red Fragment Powder Elrianode Set
Red El Tear Fragment
Blue Fragment Powder Elrianode Set
Blue El Tear Fragment
Purple Fragment Powder Elrianode Set
Purple El Tear Fragment
Radiant Champion's Aura Radiant Champion's Accessory Set
Blazing Crystal Flames of Judgement - Demonic Weapon
Undying Flame, Demonic Eye, Mark of Inferno
Glaciem Amethystine Prophecy Equipment Set
Mark of Acknowledgement Master Piece Set Crystal of Courage Artifact Accessory
Wooden Furniture Piece Wooden Furniture Soul Crystal Vestige of Soul - Weapon of Requiem
Military Officer Earpiece, Soul Crown
Artifact Spirit Stone Fragment Artifact Spirit Stone Shard Simple Modern Carpet Simple Modern Furniture
Tenebrous Piece Tenebrous Equipment Penthouse Carpet Penthouse Furniture

Not Obtainable Items

Not Obtainable Items
Image Name Limitation Image Name Limitation
Magic Necklace (II) Essence Magic Necklace The Ring of Flexibility (II) Essence The Ring of Flexibility (II)
The Ring of Tenacity (II) Essence The Ring of Tenacity (II) The Ring of Strength (II) Essence The Ring of Strength (II)
The Ring of Bravery (II) Essence The Ring of Bravery (II) Red Carpet Piece Nobility Furniture
Star Carpet Piece Starlight Furniture Office Furniture Piece Panda Office Furniture
Snuggly Carpet Piece Snuggly Winter Furniture Chic City Pop Carpet Piece City Pop Gaming Room Furniture
Space-Time Galaxy Carpet Space Life Furniture

Old Crafting Materials

Before the April 12, 2017 patch (March 30, 2017 in the Korean server), dismantled equipment will yield three crafting materials: Weapon Scraps, Armor Scraps, and El Gems. Weapon Scraps can be obtained from dismantled weapons, top pieces, and bottom pieces. Armor Scraps can be obtained from dismantled top pieces, bottom pieces, gloves, and shoes. El Gems can always be obtained from any dismantled equipment. Top pieces and bottom pieces can give either Armor Scraps or Weapon Scraps but never both.

Old Crafting Materials
Equipment Level Range Weapon Scraps Armor Scraps El Gems
Image Name Image Name Image Name
1 ~ 20 Rusty Weapon Scrap Worn-out Armor Scrap Tiny El Gem
21 ~ 30 Dull Weapon Scrap Thin Armor Scrap Small El Gem
31 ~ 40 Normal Weapon Scrap Patched Armor Scrap El Gem
41 ~ 50 Refined Weapon Scrap Refined Armor Scrap Large El Gem
51 ~ 60 Sturdy Weapon Pieces Sturdy Armor Pieces Huge El Gem
61 ~ 70 Fine Weapon Scrap Sturdy Armor Scrap Divine El Gem
71 ~ 80 Compact Weapon Scrap Compact Armor Scrap Splendid El Crystal
81 ~ 90 Dicetium Weapon Scrap Dicetium Armor Scrap Brilliant El Crystal
91 ~ 99 Elysion Weapon Scrap Elysion Armor Scrap Occult El Crystal

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