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Ancient Phoru's brief change in appearance after reaching the Stoic Threshold

What is a Stoic Threshold?

A Stoic Threshold is a feature possessed by certain bosses and monsters of Elsword. The main purpose behind this mechanic is to prevent bosses from being stunlocked. A monster's Stoic Threshold is the number of hits that they could take before they automatically enter Super Armored status. All attacks will contribute to the Stoic Threshold, even if the attack does not provide hitstun. Any hits that are inflicted upon them when they are already under in Super Armor will not count towards the Stoic Threshold.

When a monster reached their Stoic Threshold, they will obtain Super Armor for a brief amount of time and their appearance will temporarily change to pitch black with a red outline. Any target within close proximity will be pushed back and knocked down, similar to the effect of Iron Body - Strong. This will be considered an attack, meaning it can trigger certain skills / Character-exclusive systems and is affected by evasion. It will also contribute to your hit counter at the dungeon results screen, which means you must take this feature into account when performing speed runs for certain titles.

List of Stoic Thresholds

Area Opponent Threshold Count Duration Details
Wally's Underground Laboratory Royal Guardian 10 Hits 0 Seconds
Royal Big Brother 10 Hits 0 Seconds
Infected Rat 20 Hits 2 Seconds
Brutal Fire Cross 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Poison Arrow 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Kauno 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Zes 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Uool 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Illy 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Wally No. 7 25 Hits 5 Seconds Instead of a normal reaction when reaching the Stoic Threshold, Wally No. 7 will instead use Thrust, Smash, Homing Missile or Laser!.
Bethagara Falls, Leikiki Lake, Toretugera Canyon Vescoo 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Wally No. 0 TYPE_P 20 Hits 3 Seconds
Dragon Nest: Abyss Saurus Guardian 18 Hits 0 Seconds
Brainwished Lizardman Saurus 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brainwashed Lizardman Chieftain 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brainwished Lizardman Warrior 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Shadow Warrior 20 Hits 3 Seconds
Dark Berauk 20 Hits 3 Seconds
Kayak the Shadow Shaman 25 Hits 3 Seconds
Kayak the Shadow Shaman (Clone) 20 Hits 3 Seconds
Graveyard of Purification, Nasod Dumpsite, Garrison in the Sky Sleshu 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area Enroded Nasod Miner 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Enroded Nasod Driller 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Pilgrim's Gateway, Pilgrim's Site, Dead Man's Hill Bater 30 Hits 5 Seconds
The Prosperity Road, The Peace Road, Harmony Road, Port Lurensia Lanos 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Shinee 25 Hits 3 Seconds
Velder's Hallucination Joaquin's Hallucination 30 Hits 3 Seconds
Elime's Wave, Stricken City, Circular Waterway, Noah's Grave Stone God 30 Hits 5 Seconds
7-5 Magmanta 60 Hits 1 Second In 7-5, instead of a normal reaction when reaching the Stoic Threshold, Magmanta will instead use Prepare Attack and escape into the background.
7-6 Avalanche 60 Hits 10 Seconds Avalanche does possess a Stoic Threshold but any targets that are near him will not be knocked away.
7-7 Ran 20 Hits 10 Seconds
Temple of Trials Brutal Walker 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Defender 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Charger 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Voider 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Brutal Trickster 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Twinky Linker 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Walker 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Stinger 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Charger 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Defender 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Trickster 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Cold-hearted Brutal Bobosse 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Shadow Priest 30 Hits 5 Seconds
Temple of the Wind, Caluso Tribe Territory, Sandtilus Grave, Behemoth Crater Cerberus 30 Hits 5 Seconds
8-5 Karis 50 Hits 20 Seconds
9-4, 9-6 Traitor Ignia 3 Hits 0 Seconds Stoic Threshold can only be activated during Flame Shield.
9-5 Bound Ifritan ?? Hits ?? Seconds
9-6 Demon General Scar 25 Hits 0 Seconds
Demon General Scar (Awaken) 35 Hits 0 Seconds

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