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For the Yama Raja passive by the same name, see Resurrection (Ara).

Resurrection is the gameplay mechanic of reviving oneself or others after their HP has dropped to 0. Under most PvE circumstances, resurrecting oneself or an ally will come at the cost of a Resurrection Stone. In PvP, resurrection will be free but is typically based on a timer.



When a player's HP drops to 0 in a dungeon, a countdown will begin where the player can choose to resurrect themselves and continue at the cost of one Resurrection Stone. If they chose not to, they will enter Spectator Mode and their screen to shift to the point of view of another player in their party. If every player fails to resurrect and they all enter Spectator Mode, the dungeon run will be over and is considered a loss.

Upon resurrecting, all enemies that are in the dungeon room will be forcibly knocked down. Due to this feature, it is highly recommended to time your resurrection to avoid knocking enemies down while a party member is attacking.

Some dungeons may give players the ability to resurrect themselves without consuming Resurrection Stones. When a player's HP drops to 0 in dungeons such as Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak, they have the choice of resurrecting themselves immediately by consuming a Resurrection Stone or wait for 15 seconds to resurrect automatically without consuming a Stone.


When a player's HP drops to 0 in a PvP match, they will automatically resurrect after a certain period of time. This amount of time the player must wait is dependent on their progress in the match, where players that are closer to victory will have to wait longer while players on the losing team will wait less or even resurrect immediately. Resurrection Stones will not be consumed when resurrecting in PvP.

Hunting Fields

When a player's HP drops to 0 in a hunting field, a countdown will begin where the player can choose to resurrect themselves and continue at the cost of one Resurrection Stone. However, if a player refuses, they will be teleported back to a nearby town or rest area. Similar to resurrecting in dungeons, resurrecting oneself in a field will forcibly knock down every enemy on the map.

Resurrection Stones

A Resurrection Stone

Resurrection Stones are the primary method in which one can revive themselves. When reviving oneself or another, 1 Resurrection Stone will be consumed in the process. Every character will start with 10 Resurrection Stones which will refresh to 10 at the start of the day if the character has less than 10. Additional Resurrection Stones can be obtained from the ED Shop or as a random item in various item cubes.

If a player does not have any Resurrection Stones, they can choose to use K-Ching to resurrect someone.

Limited Resurrections

Certain dungeons will impose a limit on the number of resurrections an individual can perform, forcing a player or party to fail the dungeon if they are incapable of completing it within the allotted revivals.

List of Dungeons with Resurrection Limits

Dungeon Resurrection Limit
El Tower Defense (Normal) 3
Crimson Tower of Howling Flames (Normal)
Never-Ending Darkness (Normal)
Crimson Cradle of Flames (Normal)
Savage White-Ghost's Castle (Normal)
Altar of Invocation (Normal)
Dimension of Sinister Intent
Heroic Mode
Shrine of the Two-Headed Serpent (Hell) 1
Elrianode Training Grounds (Hell)
Spirit Sanctum (Hell)
Water Dragon's Compass (Hell)
Nasod Testing Chamber (Hell)
Gate of the Setting Sun (Hell)
Anguish of the Wavering Servant (Hell)
Unraveling the Knot of Memories (Hell)
Crimson Tower of Howling Flames (Challenge)
Never-Ending Darkness (Challenge)
Crimson Cradle of Flames (Challenge)
Savage White-Ghost's Castle (Challenge)
Altar of Invocation (Challenge)
Henir's Time and Space 0

Resurrection-type Skills and Titles

Certain skills, as well as titles, can prevent death, bypassing the need to resurrect. When these effects are triggered, you will instead be knocked down while receiving some additional effects that vary depending on the source. Note that being afflicted by disabling status effects such as Stun on the same hit that would kill you will prevent you from being knocked down.

All of these resurrection effects have a notably lengthy cooldown once they trigger (the shortest being [Enhanced] Seal of Time at 45 seconds in PvE), though this is not shared between them: for example, having the Forginay's Fruit title as a Bloody Queen with Blood Mastery, and then receiving the Seal of Time buff from an ally will allow you to survive 3 fatal hits in a row. These effects each have their own priority, and effects with a higher priority will trigger first before ones with a lower priority. Resurrection effects with the same priority as the one on cooldown will not trigger again until it is over.

In PvP, being resurrected by any of these effects will force all your skills to go on cooldown.

If you happen to recover HP before landing after receiving a fatal blow, for example using Blessed Recovery, Illipia's Aura or a very well-timed HP recovery potion, you will not die.

Class Skill Name Priority
Time Tracer Seal of Time High
All Broken Seal of Time
Nyx Pieta Benediction (1/2/3/4)
Demersio Eternal Demersio (1/2/3/4)
Avarice Aaru (1/2/3/4)
Lord Azoth Apeiron Normal
Wind Sneaker Flexible Movement
Nova Imperator Last Resort
Yama Raja Resurrection
Bloody Queen Blood Mastery
Celestia Mystique and Awe
All Eclipse Low
All Forginay's Fruit
All Night Parade of the White-Ghost
All It's Fine Cuz It Hurts


Date Changes
- -
  • Minimum Resurrection Stones at the start of the day increased from 3 to 10.
06/04/2020 07/01/2020
  • Cannot perform any action after being resurrected for 1 second.
07/02/2020 07/29/2020

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