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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.

Dynamo Point System

Character UI when DC mode is on and off.
Damage deal during awakening.
Base Add while in normal stance and DC mode stance. (Stance change removed from Base Add, this stance was given to PT/LP)

Unlike other characters' awakening, Add's awakening is called Dynamo Configuration Mode (DC Mode).

  • When he is not in DC Mode, every hit he does will charge up the DP gauge. When you have at least 100 DP, Add is able to awaken like any other character at the cost of 50 DP (DP consumption reduction will reduce this), dealing 300% magical damage to surrounding targets.
    • Some skills use DP instead of MP while some skills use both DP and MP.
  • While in DC mode, his stance and dynamos will be changed. Every hit he does will decrease the gauge. Pressing awaken hot key again will deactivate DC mode. Like awakening, Add will gain a damage boost when in DC Mode.
    • The gauge is not affected by mount attacks.
    • Going into DC mode will give it a cooldown of 5 seconds. A timer will appear where the letters "DP" are.
    • During DC Mode, DP is continually gained at a rate of 5 DP per second in PvE. DP will not be continually gained in PvP.
  • If you obtain a awakening potion in dungeons, instead of awakening, the DP gauge will increase.
    • This also applies when Fever triggers.
  • Unlike a normal awakening, when Add goes into DC mode, the screen will not freeze.
    • Add does, however, gain momentary invincibility.
  • When in DC mode, some skills that use DP will use only 20% of the required amount, whereas some skills that recover DP when he is in Normal Mode won't recover DP in DC mode.
  • Different job advancements will have different DC mode poses.
  • When going into DC mode, enemies surrounding you will be damaged.

Benefits of DC mode:

  • The standard 20% damage increase from awakening mode.
  • Able to execute Nasod Armor combo extensions depending on the job advancement.
  • Nasod Armor combo extensions have no knockdown value.
  • Able to reduce the usage of DP to 20% for a skill which uses DP.

Dynamo Mutation Points

Every 5 seconds (10 in PvP) without using a skill, Add will have 1 Dynamo Mutation Point added to the slots below his portrait. When Add goes into Dynamo Configuration mode, he will completely refill his Dynamo Mutation Point slots. Dynamo Mutation Points are used to power up his skills. Skills will only be boosted if Add is in Dynamo Configuration mode.

Skills that use Dynamo Mutation Points

Class Skill Name DMP Use
Add AddSkill1.png Void Breaker 2
Add AddSkill8.png Particle Accelerator 3
Add AddSkill3.png Particle Prism 1
Class Skill Name DMP Use
Psychic Tracer AddSkill12.png Quake Buster (A) 2
Psychic Tracer SonicJump.png Sonic Jump 3
Lunatic Psyker AddSkill15.png Conqueror 3
Lunatic Psyker EnergyDischarge.png Energy Shock 1
Lunatic Psyker LPSA5.png Psychic Storm (A) 3
Lunatic Psyker FullBurst.png Nasod Armor Mode - Full Burst 2
Lunatic Psyker LPSA2.png Quicksilver Accel 1
Transcendent Lunatic Psyker LPTrans1.png Psion Rush 1
Transcendent Lunatic Psyker LPTrans3.png Quicksilver Strike 3
Transcendent Lunatic Psyker LPTrans6.png Supersonic 3
Class Skill Name DMP Use
Arc Tracer At active1.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Rushing Drones 1
Arc Tracer At sa2.jpg Panzer Buster (A) 3
Arc Tracer HyperNova.png Hypernova 3
Arc Tracer Mm active1.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Fission Shot 2
Mastermind At sa4.jpg Phantom Seeker 3
Mastermind AeroMine.png Aero Mine 1
Mastermind Mm sa3.jpg Install - Starfall 3
Mastermind Mm sa4.jpg Install - Ultimate Fury 3
Mastermind Mm active3.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Delayed Explosion 1
Mastermind ZKGenerator.png Install - Zero Kelvin Generator 3
Transcendent Mastermind MMTrans1.png Install - Charged Impulser 1
Transcendent Mastermind Mm active2.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Flick Disc 2
Transcendent Mastermind MMTrans3.png Force Field 1
Transcendent Mastermind MMTrans6.png Extreme Chaser 2
Class Skill Name DMP Use
Time Tracer DESkill6.png Gravity Buster 2
Time Tracer DarkMatterExplosion.png Dark Matter Explosion 3
Time Tracer TiTSkill7.png Stardust Shower (A) 3
Diabolic Esper TiTSkill6.png Maximum Strike 3
Diabolic Esper TiTSkill2.png Moonlight Rhapsody 1
Diabolic Esper GravityField.png Gravity Field 3
Transcendent Diabolic Esper DETrans2.png Dynamo Configuration - Reverse Field 1
Transcendent Diabolic Esper DETrans3.png Moonlight Breaker 2
Transcendent Diabolic Esper DETrans6.png Dimension Breaker 3

Stats Difference

Instead of having awakening charge and max awakening time like other characters, Add has DP charge and DP consumption reduction respectively.

  • Both DP charge and DP consumption reduction will affect all DP costs and recovery of attacks and awakening.
  • If Add has a Ring of Fury equipped when entering PvP, he will start with 65 DP.

Other Characters Maximum Stat Add Maximum Stat
Awakening Charge

Max Awakening Time

DP Charge

DP Consumption Reduction


Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character HQ Shop Item 72550.png     Specialization A HQ Shop Item 72560.png     Specialization B
Icon - Add.png
DP Usage -x% when awakened (Max: 40%) Gain Extra DP depending on amount X Dynamo Mutation Point used (Max: 15 DP per DMP)


Date Changes
12/19/2013 06/25/2014
  • Dynamo Point System added.
04/21/2016 05/18/2016
  • DP gain when attacking/being attacked decreased.
11/16/2016 -
  • Fixed issue of DP not being consume on skills in Dynamo Configuration Mode changed to use 25% of DP cost.
  • Fixed issue where overflow damage can be counted as DP recover when being killed.
12/01/2016 01/11/2017
  • DP used in Dynamo Configuration Mode changed from 0% to 20%.
09/11/2019 09/25/2019
  • DMP gain over time if no skills are used effect added.
  • Entering Dynamo Configuration Mode will provide max DMP.
  • DP is continually gained.
  • None
07/02/2020 07/29/2020
  • None
  • The amount of DP one will revive with caps at 100 DP.

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