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Every character in Elsword has their own unique features that set them apart from other characters.



A special gauge unique to Noah will appear next to his health bar. This gauge shows you which of the three moon phases you are currently on. While the phases by themselves have no immediate effect, awakening or reviving during a specific moon phase will give different benefits.

Moon phases will automatically progress whenever you use any given skill, changing from New Moon, to Half Moon, to Full Moon, to Half Moon and finally back to New Moon in order. Certain skills and passives that are obtained later on may grant additional benefits to specific moon phases outside of the basic awakening and resurrection effect.


Unlike most characters, Noah only has one Awakening Bead, similar to Ain. Unlike Ain however, Noah gains the normal awakening benefits when awakening like other characters, increasing his attack by 20% (or 30% after transcending). Noah can re-awaken at will whenever his Awakening Bead is full, allowing him to change which moon phase's effects are active while awakened. Similar to Laby, his awakening duration has an upper limit when re-awakening consecutively that cannot be increased through the Awakening Duration Increase stat and is only affected by the passives Ocean Fog and Cold Moon's Solitude.

Awakening On Awakening/After Awakening Effect Cooldown
Base Duration Maximum Duration
30 Seconds 3 x [Base Duration] Seconds 15 Seconds

New Moon

Mode Critical Damage Increase Enemy Defense Decrease
(On hit)
After Awakening
Amount Duration Max Stacks Following Skill Damage Increase
PvE 10% 1% 10 Seconds 10 x1.2
PvP 4% x1.1

Half Moon

Mode All Speed Increase All Enemy Speed Decrease
(On hit)
On Awakening After Awakening
Amount Duration Max Stacks Skill Cooldown Reduction Following Skill Cooldown Reduction
PvE 10% 1% 10 Seconds 10 20% 90%
PvP 4% 10% 30%

Full Moon

Mode HP Recovery
(After 5 Seconds)
MP Gain When Attacking/Hit Increase On Awakening After Awakening
Damage Reduction Duration Following Skill MP Usage Reduction
PvE 5% 10% 90% 5 Seconds 90%
PvP 0.5% 30% 30%


In addition to the awakening effects, Noah also gains a unique effect upon resurrecting through Resurrection Stones. Enemies near the area you respawn in will be hit by an attack, and you will gain a buff based on which moon phase was active at the time of death. Each of these buffs last indefinitely until you die again.

Mode Resurrection (Magical) Faint Duration Recurrence - Trace of the New Moon Recurrence - Trace of the Half Moon Recurrence - Trace of the Full Moon
Physical, Magical Attack Increase All Speed Increase Command / Active Double Attack Chance Damage Reduction
PvE 2122% 1 Second 3% 5% 5% 5%
PvP 849%

Moonlight Related Skills

Class Skill Name Related Phase
Second Revenger SeRSkill03.png Second Breath New Moon
Silent Shadow SilentShadowPassive2.png Wheel of Misfortune New Moon
Silent Shadow: Transcendent SilentShadowTPassive1.png Awakened Will: Silent Shadow New Moon
Liberator LiberatorPassive2.png End and Beginning New Moon
Class Skill Name Related Phase
Second Selection SeSSkill03.png Horoscope Half Moon
Class Skill Name Related Phase
Second Grief SeGSkill02.png Moon Shard New Moon
Half Moon
Second Grief SeGSkill04.png Spallation Half Moon
Second Grief SeGSkill07.png Cold Anger Half Moon
Full Moon
Second Grief SeGSkill09.png Sentence Half Moon
Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill1.png Chill Half Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill2.png High Tide New Moon
Half Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimPassive2.png Mare Serenitatis Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill3.png Ear Ringing Half Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill4.png Origin of the Moon Half Moon
Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill5.png Backlight Half Moon
Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill6.png Glacier Half Moon
Pale Pilgrim PalePilgrimSkill7.png White Dwarf New Moon
Half Moon
Pale Pilgrim: Transcendent PalePilgrimTSkill1.png Moonlight Reverberation New Moon
Pale Pilgrim: Transcendent PalePilgrimTPassive1.png Awakened Will: Pale Pilgrim Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim: Transcendent PalePilgrimTSkill3.png Silver Moon Call Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim: Transcendent PalePilgrimTPassive2.png Salvation Full Moon
Pale Pilgrim: Transcendent PalePilgrimTSkill4.png Extinguish New Moon
Half Moon
Nyx Pieta NyxPietaS03.png Bright Moon Full Moon
Nyx Pieta FCoA.png [Mod] Cold Anger Half Moon
Full Moon
Nyx Pieta FV.png [Mod] Extinguish New Moon
Half Moon


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  • Moonlight System added.

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