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Promotional Image for new Aisha System released on 02/27/2014

Basic Information

On 02/27/2014 in the Korean server, Aisha received the Memorize system, which is exclusive to her. With Memorize, certain skills can be stored in an additional skill bar, and you can trigger them later at any time.


Memorize idle stance.

Once Aisha enters her mana regeneration state by staying idle for half a second, waiting a bit more allows her to enter her Memorize stance. A magic note icon will appear above her head and the skills that are able to be memorized will be highlighted.

Aisha memorizing a skill.

To memorize a skill from your skill slots into the memorized skill slots, you need to press its respective skill key once. Upon doing so its cooldown will be activated and its MP will be used, but the skill itself will not be cast. Successful memorizing is indicated with an animation of the note above Aisha's head becoming bigger. You are able to memorize a maximum of three skills.

In order to use your memorized skills, you must activate them via the special action key ([V] by default). It will cast the first skill you stored, at no MP cost and without triggering its cooldown. Skills are memorized in a set order that you cannot change, so be aware of the order you memorize them in.

Specialization (Not available anymore)

Character Specialization A Specialization B
Memorize Skill Damage +x% (Max: 40%) Memorize MP Cost -x% (Max: 40%)

Tips and Details

  • Skills used in the memorized slots only deal 70% of the original total damage.
  • You cannot memorize the same skill if that skill is already in the memorized slot.
  • You cannot change the order of the memorized skills.
  • Skills that are memorized will be gone if the same skill is removed from your Skill Slot.
  • Be aware that attempting to use a skill while in the mana regeneration state for more than 3 seconds will memorize the skill, unless the skill has already been memorized.
    • Even if all memorized slots are filled up, Aisha will still enter the mana regeneration state. However, she does not if her MP is full.
  • Memorized skills are only usable throughout the duration of that Dungeon/Field/PvP run.
    • This means memorized skills will be erased after the Dungeon/Field/PvP run and cannot be brought over to the next run. This includes respawning in PvP, entering Gate of Darkness after a completed dungeon run and entering a dungeon directly from a Field.
  • You cannot memorize Hyper Actives, Master Skills, Actives, Marriage Skill, Buff skills, Magical Makeup, Binding Circle and Drop Poising.
  • Skills that can be extended at the expense of MP, such as Meteor Shower, can still be utilized when memorized by holding the special action key.
  • If you memorize a skill placed in a Transcendence skill slot while the Transcendence buff is active, the buff will not be consumed, nor will the memorized skill gain the damage increase.
    • However, if the Transcendence buff is active when using an already memorized skill that is in the Transcendence skill slot, the buff will be consumed and the damage will be increased.



Date Changes
02/27/2014 08/27/2014
  • Memorize added.
07//20/2016 -
  • None
  • Fixed Memorize visual effect not showing up in skill slots properly.

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