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Awakening Beads are shown under your portrait while your Awakening Gauge is next to it

Basic Information

Awakening Mode is a special ability that is available to all characters. While in Awakening Mode, attack power is boosted by 20% during its duration. If the character has unlocked Transcendence, their attack power will be increased by 30% instead. Certain skills also obtain unique characteristics while Awakened.

How to Use

To activate Awakening, you must have at least one Awakening Bead, which is generated when the Awakening Charge gauge is filled. Awakening Beads can also be generated by certain consumable items or with the activation of Fever. Both of these can be viewed next to your character portrait. The charge gauge increases each time you hit an opponent or when you are hit. A maximum of 3 Awakening Beads is available for most characters. The rate at which your Awakening gauge fill up can be increased by raising your Awakening Charge Speed stat.

An Awakening Potion

Once you have one or more Beads, press the left CTRL key to consume all beads and activate Awakening. The duration of Awakening is equal to 30 seconds per bead consumed. The duration can be further increased by raising your Awakening Time stat or through certain Passives. Awakening Beads cannot be consumed while Awakening Mode is already active.

Awakening Mode can also be activated through the use of certain consumable items or picking up an Awakening Potion.

Unique Abilities

On top of the regular awakening effects, some characters will receive benefits to their exclusive systems while in Awakening Mode. These includes, for example:


Main Article: Dynamo Point System

Unlike other characters' Awakening, Add's Awakening is called Dynamo Configuration Mode, where he uses a new resource called DP instead of Awakening Beads. As long as he has at least 100 DP, by consuming 50 DP, Add can enter Dynamo Configuration Mode and receive the benefits of Awakening Mode. Unlike other characters, this mode can be maintained for as long as the player wishes, so long as they have DP.

Unlike other Characters, Add's Awakening animation does not provide Skill Freeze but will grant him invulnerability during activation and will deal damage.


Main Article: Spiritualism

Unlike other characters' Awakening, Ain possesses notable differences in how his Awakening Mode functions. Ain can only hold one Awakening Bead at a time and when awakened, he will receive a damage boost that's higher than the standard 20% increase. Additionally, he has the ability to re-Awaken to increase his Awakening stage. He'll receive various stat boosts depending on the Awakening stage.


Main Article: Sentimental Point System

Unlike other characters' Awakening, Laby activates her Awakening automatically, even when she's attacked. It doesn't cause any delay though, therefore she can activate Awakening Skill to deal damage, recover all Sentimental Points and debuff enemies around with Groggy.


Main Article: Moonlight System

Noah has access to 3 types of Awakening based on the moon phase. Moon phases will alternate in a cycle, and can only be changed by casting skills. Gain various benefits based on the moon phase active when Awakening was triggered.


Main Article: Character Customization System/Awakening

Your Awakening Mode animation and effects can be customized through the use of custom awakening animations. While the item used to unlock these customizations grant additional skill bonuses, they do not have any direct effect on your awakening mode, and are purely visual.


Tips and Details

  • Without any stats invested in the Awakening Charge Speed stat, one Awakening Bead can be charged by performing 100 hits or being attacked with 50 hits.
  • Most characters (except Laby) have a delay when awakening that freezes the screen (around 0.7 secs.), which can be used to gain an advantage in combat.
    • When awakening on a Mount, there is no delay whatsoever, making it instantaneous, but you still can't move for certain duration.
  • Previously, awakening just before transitioning into another area in a dungeon, would result in your beads being consumed, and awakening not activating. This was later fixed, as your awakening will activate accordingly once the next area finishes loading.
    • Awakening can still be interrupted on rare occasions, either by being attacked or scripted events.


Date Changes
07/08/2021 08/04/2021
  • Freeze frames after the character's animation is complete adjusted to be about 0.3 Seconds for all characters.

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