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{{DungeonPage | Orient=2 | Color=#878aff | DunButton=11-5Button.png | SmallPic=11-5.png | BigPic=12-5new2.png | DunName=El Tower Defense | Quotation=Defend the El Tower from Hennon's attack! | Description=Defend the El Tower from Hennon's attack! | LvNeed=99 | LvFitStory=50000 | LvFit=150000 | XEntryReq={{

Normal Mode Only

  • 1 free daily entry permitted.
  • Have 1 Elrianode Defense Request in your inventory.

}} | Detail={{

Normal Mode Only

  • Only three Resurrection Stones can be used to revive.

}} | Mob={{ | | Mutated Ent - An Enraged Ent corrupted by Henir.
Will be randomly summoned during phase 1. |

  • Double Swipe: The Ent will pull its arm back and swipes downward followed by and upward swipe with his other hand.
  • Ground Pound: The Ent will pull both his arms back and smash the ground full force.
  • Shadow Ball: The Ent will shoot a gaseous dark cloud with loose homing properties.
  • Root Attack: One of his strongest moves, he will summon many roots and branches that will continuously hit their victim pushing them away from the Ent.

|- | | Mutated Durahan Knight - A Durahan Knight corrupted by Henir.
Will be randomly summoned during phase 1. |

  • Rushing Slam: Durahan will run across forward while using its shield to knock anybody along its path. Unlike his incarnation in other dungeons, he will only run a set distance instead of the entire length of a stage.
  • Shield & Sword: Durahan uses a quick combo on you with his sword, sending you up in the air. While you're up, he'll slam you twice with his shield, knocking you far back.
  • Stab: When you're cornered by him, Durahan will stab you with his sword, dealing big damage.
  • Guard: When attacked, Durahan crouches behind his shield, waiting for a counterattack!
  • Rising Wave: Impale the ground summoning multiple swords out of the ground in front of him.

|- | | Freak Guardian - A larger, more powerful Freak Defender.
Will be randomly summoned during phase 1. |

  • Hammer Smash: Smash the ground with one powerful strike with all four of its arms. Will have super armor during this attack.
  • Hammer Combo: Smash the ground with a four hit combo with their four arms. It will have Super Armor when preparing and during its first two hits.
  • Judgement: Charge up in Super Armor then release a large pillar of dark energy out of its body upwards. They have increased defense while charging.
  • Smash Eruption: Smash the ground with its arms in Super Armor causing a chain of Henir explosions on both sides of it.

|- | | Skin Splitter - A large hulking being of Henir with a large distorted arm.
Will be randomly summoned during phase 1. |

  • Slam: The creature will use its arm to slam the ground.
  • Take Down: The creature will charge forward, dealing multiple hits to any target then fall on top of them.
  • Circle Sweep: The creature will swing its arm around to attack all surrounding targets and knock them away.
  • Henir Bomb: The creature will use its arm to launch five flares, which will detonate after a few seconds.


  • The boss has perpetual super armor.

|- | | Spatio Reaper - A machine like being of Henir comprised of multiple segments.
Will be randomly summoned during phase 1. |

  • Injection: Fire its tendrils at the ground like piercing thorns.
  • Circle Sweep: Twirl its body in a circle attack everything around it, launching players away.
    • Do not try to tank it with Super Armor, it does a numerous amount of hits and each hit deals huge damage.
  • Fire Fight: Float up and begin rapid firing lasers from low to high on a fan shape, firing faster over time.


  • Does not receive proper hitstun, will instead flinch in super armor allowing him to retaliate.

}} | MiniBoss={{ | | Mysterious Man - The mysterious man who appears to be the mastermind of the group of Henir cultists in Elrianode. He'll toy with you while his minion are on the attack. |

  • Teleport: Hennon will teleport to either the center, far left, or far right of the map.
  • Ice Fracture: Cause the ground around him or cause a large amount of land in front of him which freeze players, then cause them to burst doing additional damage.
  • Bolt Spears: While in the center of the map, he will raise up in the air and fire bolts of electricity in both directions downwards. The bolts once they hit the ground will then shoot upwards as a pillar of electricity. He will almost always open with this attack.
  • Bolt Fall: Materialize multiple bolts of electricity in the air in front of him then fire them all straight down towards the ground. The bolts once they hit the ground will then shoot upwards as a pillar of electricity.


  • The boss has perpetual super armor.

|- | | Hennon - The mysterious man is unmasked. Revealing he is a general of Henir. Uncloaked, his right arm is a distorted blade of Henir and he is ready to fight you head on. |

  • Burst Eruption: Summon a fire pillar underneath players, grounded players take all hits, while it will launch airborne players.
  • Slash Combo: Perform a downwards slash, and upward slash, a side slash, then finish with a thrust.
  • Power Stab: Imbue his arm with energy then perform a powerful close ranged stab.
  • Energy Blast: Extend his normal arm forwards and fire a bolt of electricity before shooting out a shot of energy from his Henir arm.
  • Henir's Weapon: Raise into the air and float above players before firing a rain of Henir projection weapons much like Bewachsen Feste · Gott Waffe.
  • Ground Smash: Leap into the air them smash the ground with his arm causing the land around him to shatter with Henir corrupted stones.
  • Henir Burst: Cause areas all across the map to flash with Henir energy before bursting.
  • Henir's Judgement: Release a large pillar of dark energy out of his body upwards launching players upwards into an entire field or bursting dark energy.

}} | Boss={{ | | Interdimensional Colossus - Hennon has absorbed both the power of Primal El and the power of the Dark El to assume the form of a Henir beast which likes we have never seen before. This may be the greatest battle Elrios has ever laid witness to. |

  • Swipe: Swipe its arms at players knocking them away.
  • Burning Spears: Summon multiple large flaming spears which shoot forwards at different altitudes.
  • Meteor Punch: Gather a sphere of burning energy in his hand, then punch. A large eruption pillar will burst out of the ground beneath a player.
  • Viral Bombs: Release a sphere of henir energy which divides into three more spheres, if these sphere come in contact with a target, they will split up into three smaller spheres. They will all explode after a few seconds.
  • Pillars of Doom: Summon two large pillars which will slowly descend and crash into the ground. Only the burning bottom of the pillars will actively damage you.
  • Ice Fracture: Pull its arm behind then swipe forwards causing the very bottom floor to burst with large blue ice shards which freeze players.
  • Dark Plasma: Fire a large horizontal beam of energy out of its eye dealing damage to anything on the upper floors.
  • Energy Raise: Cause the Henir energy around it to shoot upwards surrounding it and hurting any target standing next to it.
  • Bolt Spears: Raise its hand then shoot a fan spread a blue bolts down at the players at lightning speeds. The bolts once they hit the ground will then shoot upwards as a pillar of electricity.
  • Mind Reversal: Extend its arms out then swipe causing all targets in range to be inflicted with confusion, making their directions reversed.


  • The boss has perpetual super armor.

}} |Dialogue=

  • Mysterious Man: Elrianode... is almost restored now. The Order will be taking the Large El. Along with the Primal El that you've taken as well!!