House of Rosso's Laboratory

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House of Rosso's Laboratory

Strange red light gleams inside the test tubes.


The truth found from the laboratory was shocking.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
Dungeon Layout
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Monster Image Monster Description Monster Moves
N1-5 Mob 1.png TypeA - Melt - A blob like crimson lava abomination dwelling the lab.
  • Lava Spit: Hurl blobs of lava which linger and the floor and damage targets.
  • Splatter: When defeated, its mass will splatter across the ground into a pile of lava.
N1-5 Mob 2.png TypeB - Wither - A dragon like puddle of crimson lava dwelling the lab.
  • Slap: Slap targets in front of it with its viscous hands.
  • Splatter: When defeated, its mass will splatter across the ground into a pile of lava.
N1-5 Mob 3.png Derurung - A baby griffon now corrupted by the power of fire.
  • Scratch: Scratch in front of it.
  • Charge: Charge forwards at a constant pace doing multiple hits overtime.


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Obstacles Image Obstacles Description
Dunno.png Collapsing Floor - After a wave is defeated, the floor will give way as you descend deeper into the laboratory's depths.


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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
N1-5 Boss.png Freak Viterra - A Henir corrupted Freak Beast in the bowls of the laboratory.
  • Scratch: Sweep in front of it.
  • Acid Breath: Spew a noxious cloud of poisonous gas in front of it.
  • Charge: Run across the area ramming into targets.



Story Quest Icon - Voice 2.png ???: It's time for meddlers to disappear. Ha!

Story Quest Icon - Noah.png Noah: What? What is... Who are you! Reveal yourself!

Story Quest Icon - Noah.png Noah: No... I can't see anything. Is this the end...? It can't be.

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Date Changes
12/17/2020 01/13/2021
  • House of Rosso's Laboratory added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 로쏘 가문 실험실 Rosso Family Laboratory
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 罗索家族实验室 Rosso Family Laboratory
French Flag.png France Laboratoire de Rossou Rosso Laboratory

  • Noah
  • Region 1~6
  • Region 7~12
  • Region 13~18
  • Region 19
  • Laby
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