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Basic Information

Life Content is a new feature encompassing various quality of life additions to the game, including ways to gain experience or items passively, or customize your appearance in more personalized ways than normal customizations.

Life Stamina

Some Life Content actions will consume Life Stamina which is shared across your characters and will reset along with your regular Stamina daily. Life Stamina is consumed either constantly over time or in large chunks depending on what it is used for. Certain quests and rewards may also provide you with Life Stamina Potions that will recover your Life Stamina by 30%. Once you run out of Life Stamina, you will no longer be able to partake in the Life Content that requires it. You can view your Life Stamina by clicking on your normal Stamina meter to toggle.

Life Inventory

The Life Content inventory tab, with various caught fish and fishing tools

The feature also comes with its own unique inventory tab, which will store all your Life Content related items, such as various rewards, fishing tools and caught fish, pet accessories and saturation decreasing potions, or palettes for dying your hair. The tab can be found in your usual inventory, between the Special and Costume tabs.

Life Content


Fishing allows you to obtain fish and other sea critters to obtain various rewards, including El Resonance Potions to allow you to gain El Resonance Experience in chunks based on their concentration level. Fishing requires level 99 and the El Resonance system unlocked to perform.

Pet Expedition

Pet Expedition allows you to send any pets not currently in use on a mission to retrieve treasure, including pet accessories, food, and other helpful items. Each mission will take a predetermined amount of time and Life Stamina. Only Adult pets with at least 50% Affinity are allowed to be sent on missions.

Hair Shop

The Hair Shop allows you to apply different colors to certain designated hair costume pieces, through the use of a specific palette. Unlike the previous Life Content, this naturally does not consume any Life Stamina and can be done freely as long as you have a palette to dye with.

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Life Stamina Potion
  • Story Quest Reward
    • [Fishing] The Great Fishing Road 3
    • [Pet Expedition] Let's be an Expedition Master! 3
  • Achievements reward
  • Event reward

Restores 30% of your Life Stamina.

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