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Basic Information

Pet PvP is a game mode accessible from the Summons menu at the bottom of the screen. This mode allows for 3v3 turn based fights between your and an opponent's Pets.


Each side will have a team of 3 pets they will used to combat each other. Each pet has a total of 100 HP and the goal is to reduce all 3 of your opponent's pets' HP to 0. This is done by select a set of 3 commands each turn which will then be acted upon in combat.


Icon Move Description Limitation
Pet PvP Icon - Attack.png Attack Attack the opponent's pet to deal damage.

Type info

  • Feral: Deal more damage to Tenacity pets, and deal less damage to Wisdom pets.
  • Tenacity: Deal more damage to Wisdom pets, and deal less damage to Feral pets.
  • Wisdom: Deal more damage to Feral pets, and deal less damage to Tenacity pets.
Pet PvP Icon - Defend.png Defend Block opponent pet's attack.
  • Applied regardless of who acts first.
3 Uses
Pet PvP Icon - Power Up.png Status 804.png Self BuffPower UpSelf BuffPower Up Increase damage for next turn's attack.
  • The effect lasts for 2 turns and does not stack.
  • Switching a Powered Up pet with another pet will remove the Power Up effect.
Pet PvP Icon - Recover.png Recover Recover HP Once per Turn
Pet PvP Icon - Switch.png Switch Switch with another pet in the party.
  • Upon switching, the opponent will start the following turn.


Growth attributes can be used to enhance your pets odds of victory by providing passive effects based on which attribute is selected. An attribute must be selected before participating in combat, or an attribute will be chosen at random.

  • Pet - Cheer.png Cheer: Increase chance to act first.
  • Pet - Patience.png Patience: Increase chance to recover additional HP when choosing Recover action.
  • Pet - Mastery.png Mastery: Increase chance to deal critical damage during Attack action.
  • Pet - Focus.png Focus: Increase chance to dodge enemy's attack.

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
Item - Mark of Honorary Trainer.png Mark of Honorary Trainer
  • Quest reward




Date Changes
05/12/2022 06/08/2022
  • Pet PvP system implemented

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