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Item Lock Interface

The Item Lock System is a system that allows players to prevent an item from being modified by hacking or other means. This system will only affect equipment, costumes, and accessories. It will not affect any other types of items or temporary items.


To lock an item, you must use the Lock button located at the bottom of the Inventory menu. When locking an item, a duration must be set and a fee must be paid before it can take effect. The duration is limited between 1 day and 365 days (30 days in Chinese server) and a fee of 10,000 ED will be charged per day. After the duration is selected, the item will have a lock icon at the top-left corner of its icon and the remaining lock time will be listed in its tooltip. The item can not be unlocked until the duration is over.

A locked item

A locked item is not eligible for the following activities:


Warning: This content is exclusive to the Korean server of Elsword.

To unlock an item, the player's account must have activated their personal verification. This process can only be done in villages or fields. Locked items can be immediately unlocked using the Unlock button and entering your personal verification. This process must be repeated when unlocking more than one item.

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