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Basic Information

The Elrios Hot Springs are special resting areas located in Ruben Village and Lanox Village. They differ from typical resting areas, as you can acquire buffs from standing in the pool. To enter the Hot Springs, you must speak to Purified Spirit or Mei & Meiseu in Ruben or Lanox respectively. Players are allowed to enter the respective Hot Springs once they visit the regions they are associated with. For Spirit Falls (Ruben Hot Springs), players must be at least level 10 to enter.


Although different in appearance and location, both hot springs offer the exact same benefits. By standing in the pool for 6 minutes, you will acquire the Denif's Blessing buff, which lasts for 30 minutes. Additionally, you can pay 500,000 ED in order to immediately receive the buff without waiting. Spa Wear costume suits can be acquired permanently from the Item Mall, or a 7-Day version from the weekly quest. By wearing the Spa Wear costume suit, the time to acquire the buff is decreased by 50% (30% while wearing 7-day version), and the ED cost of the buff is reduced. Additionally, you can acquire helpful consumables, as well as relaxation EXP while inside of the hot springs. A bulletin board and mailbox is also available inside of both hot springs.


Denif's Blessing
Activation Time: 6 minutes
EXP +30% (Dungeon/PVP)
Additional Damage, Critical, Action Speed, Maximize +5% (Dungeon Only)
Duration: 30 minutes

Hot Springs Phoru

Once every 5 minutes, a Hot Springs Phoru will appear in a random location within the Hot Springs. By clicking on it, you will purchase Hard-Boiled Eggs at the cost of 20,000 ED each. The Phoru will remain until you start buying eggs, however, buying eggs is possible for only 10 seconds. You can buy as many eggs as you wish during the short time it is available by clicking repeatedly.


While resting inside of the Hot Springs, you can play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors with the NPCs. Upon starting a round, you must pay a fee of 10,000 ED. The NPC will then begin to cycle through Rock, Paper, and Scissors at varying speeds, then you must carefully time your input by selecting one of the three icons at the right moment, by either clicking it, or pressing (Z), (X), or (C). Alternatively, you can wait until the timer meter fills up near the pink bar, as the NPC's choice will pause, leaving you a small window of time to select your input, as if you're too late, it will be considered a foul. By winning against the NPC, you will receive 1 Special Sweet Rice Drink which instantly fills up 3 awakening beads (+330DP for Add), which will be added to your Consume tab in your inventory.

Relax EXP

Relax EXP is stored EXP that you gain alongside regular EXP by fighting enemies in dungeons, fields, and by participating in PVP (gained at a similar rate to regular EXP). It can then be converted into normal EXP over time by standing in the hot springs. You can view your current relax EXP by clicking on your EXP bar to toggle gauges. While in the hot springs, your relax EXP gauge will slowly turn red, indicating the conversion's progress. You can gain up to 100% relax EXP (equates to 50% normal EXP) per day (resets daily at 12am server time). Level 99 characters cannot gain relax EXP, nor does it affect Resonance EXP. Additionally, EXP gained from completing quests does not contribute to your relax EXP.


Fishing is a Life Content activity which exclusively takes place within the hot springs. Helen will appear in both hot springs, allowing you to purchase a Sturdy Fishing Rod for 50,000,000 ED, as well as exchange any fish that you have caught for useful rewards. Such rewards include Refined Magic Stones, Elrianode Defense Requests, a consumable that heals 75% in both HP and MP, fishing equipment, and most notably, El Resonance Potions, which increase your El Resonance exp when consumed.


Spirit Falls Charming Geyser


Relax in the Hot Springs
Quest Acceptance Prerequisites Objectives
  • Lv. 10
  • Clear 4 dungeons within your level range (Ruben, Henir, and Ereda excluded)

Have you been to the Hot Springs? Relieve fatigue from your adventures and grow faster when you relax in the Hot Springs!

Currency/Experience Common Rewards Selective Rewards
EXP 0 [Cobo] Hot Springs Custom Sit Cube (1-Day) N/A
ED 0 [Cobo] Spa Wear Random Cube (1-Day) N/A
EP 0 N/A N/A
AP 0


Spirit Falls - li_spa_ruben001
Charming Geyser - li_spa_ranox001

Related Items

Image Item Name How to Obtain Effect
[Cobo] Hot Springs Custom Sit Motion Cube (1-Day) Obtain from the weekly quest. Open to obtain a 7-day Hot Springs Sit Motion for your current character.
Note: The cube itself only last for 1 day, but the item inside lasts for 7 days.
[Cobo] Spa Wear Random Cube (1-Day) Obtain from the weekly quest. Open to obtain a random 7-day Spa Wear costume suit for your current character.
Note: The cube itself only last for 1 day, but the item inside lasts for 7 days.
Hard-Boiled Egg Purchase from the Hot Springs Phoru. Recovers: 100% MP
Cooldown Time: 30 secs.
Special Sweet Rice Drink Win a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors against a hot springs NPC. Fills Awakening/DP Gauge
Cooldown Time: 60 secs.



Tips and Details

  • Mounts will recover stamina at double the rate while in the Hot Springs.
  • It takes approximately one hour to convert 100% of Relax EXP into normal EXP.
  • All Denif's Blessing effects are normalized, while EXP Increase is additive.


  • While in Chibi Mode in the Hot Springs, all of the chibis are shown wearing their spa wear costume, regardless if they have it equipped or not.
  • An alternate version of the promotional art for Charming Geyser shows Raven without his Nasod arm.
  • The Hot Springs were originally introduced as a temporary event feature but were later reintroduced as a permanent feature due to popular demand.


Date Changes
12/01/2016 01/11/2017
  • Permanent Hot Springs added, buff values changed, pool effects combined.
11/14/2018 12/12/2018
  • Mailbox added.
11/07/2019 12/04/2019
  • Added function to purchase the buff using ED from the NPC.

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